Another cutting-edge technology for the chassis! The Tengshi N7 will be equipped with the iCVC intelligent vector control system

Tengshi N7 will have iCVC intelligent vector control system for its chassis

【PhoneAuto News】As another heavyweight new car after the Tengshi D9, the Tengshi N7 has been attracting the attention of many potential customers since its official debut. On May 24th, Zhao Changjiang, the general manager of Tengshi Sales Division, introduced another intelligent chassis technology – the iCVC intelligent vector control system – on his personal Weibo account.

iCVC Intelligent Vector Control System

According to Tengshi’s official introduction, iCVC (Intelligence Chassis Vector Control) integrates and controls the braking, driving, and suspension systems through feedforward + feedback control, actively changes the vehicle’s cornering characteristics, ensures driving safety, reduces the intervention frequency of the ESP (Electronic Stability Program), and improves the vehicle’s handling limit, making the vehicle fast and stable like sticking to the ground. Under the same cornering conditions and driving skills, iCVC significantly improves the tracking performance, speed sense, and stability sense.

It is reported that under the single lane change working condition, the maximum passing speed can be increased by 10km/h after iCVC is turned on, which can bring higher cornering limits and more stable cornering posture. In addition, after iCVC is turned on, the ESP trigger area is reduced by 9.1% when facing intense driving conditions, which can make the driving feel smoother and the dynamic performance more stable. When passing through a serpentine section, the average steering wheel turning angle is reduced by 19%, and the continuous cornering is more accurate and responsive.

The iADC Intelligent Drift Control System

Not long ago, Zhao Changjiang also stated that the Tengshi N7 will globally debut the iADC Intelligent Drift Control System. iADC intelligently distributes torque to the front/rear drive and integrates real-time control of suspension height, damping, and braking to assist the driver in completing drift actions, reducing the threshold for drift operations and achieving easy and safe drifting.

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