Mercedes-AMG releases new electric skateboard, priced over ten thousand yuan Would you buy it?

Mercedes-AMG releases expensive electric skateboard Would you purchase?

【PhoneAuto News】The trend towards electrification has penetrated into various types of transportation, and previously Xiaomi launched an electric skateboard in collaboration with Mercedes-AMG. Now, Mercedes-AMG has personally launched a new electric skateboard (specific model is Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter). According to PhoneAuto, the Mercedes-AMG electric skateboard supports energy recovery and has a range of 40 kilometers.

Mercedes-AMG electric scooter

Recently, the Mercedes-AMG electric scooter was officially launched. It is powered by a 500-watt motor and can accelerate to 20km/h, designed specifically for urban transportation. The official website stated that this new electric skateboard is both fashionable and safe, suitable for the last mile of travel.

Mercedes-AMG electric scooter

The Mercedes-AMG electric scooter is a joint design with Micro Mobility Systems and is the updated version of the current Mercedes-Benz E-Scooter. It is reported that the low-level electric motor of the Mercedes-AMG electric scooter means that it can be driven on city roads without the approval of any regulatory agency. In terms of appearance, a major highlight of the new electric skateboard is the redesigned base and the AMG brand logo on the handlebar. In addition, the skateboard is equipped with 200mm wheels, weighs 14.7 kilograms, and can be easily carried into cars or other public transportation. It is a foldable electric skateboard, which enhances its versatility and maneuverability.

Mercedes-AMG Electric Pedal Scooter

The Mercedes-AMG electric skateboard has two riding modes – economy and sport. The sport mode provides a riding range of about 25 kilometers, while the slower economy mode provides a riding range of up to 40 kilometers. In terms of intelligence, this electric skateboard has a display screen installed on the handlebars, where you can view riding information. Not only that, but you can also use the accompanying mobile app to access the electric skateboard through Bluetooth, and view information such as battery life and range.

The Mercedes-AMG electric skateboard is priced at 1399.90 euros (approximately RMB 10637), which is more expensive than the Mercedes-Benz electric skateboard.

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