Shanghai, Qingdao, and other cities have experienced a sharp increase in charging fees for new energy vehicles, with some as high as 87%

Charging fees for new energy vehicles in cities like Shanghai and Qingdao have surged, reaching up to 87%

【Phoneauto News】Recently, Phoneauto noticed that according to reports from related media, there has been a significant increase in the charging fees for new energy vehicles using charging stations in cities such as Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Chongqing. In some areas, the increase during peak hours has even reached 87%, which has affected many owners of new energy vehicles.

Since July 2023, many new energy vehicle owners from Zhengzhou have reported that almost all brands of new energy charging stations in the city have raised their prices. Compared to the cheapest “late-night phase” on regular days, the charging costs have nearly doubled. A taxi driver in Zhengzhou said to the media, “I have to spend an extra 15-16 yuan per day, which amounts to 400-500 yuan more per month.” Another taxi driver said, “Charging once costs about the same as a pack of cigarettes.” Regarding the reasons for the increase in charging fees, industry insiders have revealed to the public, “The general consensus is that it is due to adjustments in the industrial and commercial electricity policy.” Currently, the electricity usage of large charging stations has been classified as industrial power consumption. Unlike residential and agricultural electricity, industrial electricity has a higher price.

Compared to regular fuel-powered cars, one major advantage of new energy vehicles is their lower usage cost, especially in terms of charging expenses, which cannot be compared to fuel-powered vehicles. On the night of July 26th, the domestic refined oil prices underwent the 15th adjustment in 2023. After this adjustment, domestic oil prices have risen for three consecutive times. Influenced by the increase in oil prices, the prices of 95-octane gasoline in regions such as Shaanxi and Xinjiang will bid farewell to the era of seven yuan, and the prices of 98-octane gasoline will enter the era of nine yuan. At the same time, based on the current international oil price trend, the next round of domestic refined oil price adjustment is highly likely to increase.

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