AITO announces the official price range for the M5 Standard Edition! It is priced at 249,800 to 269,800 yuan

The official price range for the M5 Standard Edition is 249,800 to 269,800 yuan

【Phoneauto News】Previously, at the AITO Wanjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition User Experience Day, the Wanjie M5 Standard Edition made its official debut. On July 26th, Phoneauto learned from the official AITO Wanjie that the price of the Wanjie M5 Standard Edition has been officially announced. The car has two versions, with the rear-wheel drive standard version starting at 249,800 yuan, and the four-wheel drive standard version starting at 269,800 yuan.

Wanjie M5 Standard Edition

The Wanjie M5 Standard Edition continues the extreme and minimalist design concept of the AITO Wanjie family in terms of exterior design. The new integrated light design displays technology and sophistication, and the hidden door handles are matched with race-grade side skirts to effectively improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance. In addition, the new car adds 20-inch sporty wheels with a lightweight double five-spoke design and iconic red calipers, balancing aesthetics and performance.

In terms of interior, the Wanjie M5 Standard Edition has redesigned the area around the gear lever, added dual cup holders, and equipped with two wireless charging panels for phones with a maximum charging power of 40 watts. In addition, more than 40 vehicle control settings including lighting, driving assistance, display, and sound are memorized with the account, eliminating the need to repeat preference settings when switching drivers. The car is equipped with HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, which upgrades multiple smart functions. Among them, the Huawei MagLinkTM suction car interface enables instant connection and extension of the rear dual screens and multi-device linkage, such as controlling the content viewed by children on the rear tablet and connecting to a meeting on the dual screens.

Interior of the Wanjie M5 Standard Edition

In terms of power, the Wanjie M5 Standard Edition is equipped with the Huawei DriveONE pure electric drive platform. The peak power of the four-wheel drive standard version is 365kW, and the peak torque is 675N·m. It is equipped with a front double wishbone and rear multi-link all-aluminum alloy chassis, which is standard across the entire range. It only takes 4.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. The Wanjie M5 rear-wheel drive standard version has a comprehensive range of up to 1455 km in a full fuel and full electric state, with fuel consumption as low as 4.87L per 100 km. The pure electric range of the CLTC reaches 260 km, and the power performance is increased by 10% under low battery and low temperature conditions.

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