Zhao Changjiang summarized the reasons for launching the Tengshi N8 the market needs an SUV like this

The Tengshi N8 was launched because the market needs an SUV like this, according to Zhao Changjiang's summary

【Phoneauto News】On July 25th, Phoneauto noticed that Zhao Changjiang, the General Manager of the Tengshi Sales Division, summarized the reasons for launching the Tengshi N8 model.

Zhao Changjiang stated that there are three main reasons: 1. Tengshi X’s chassis and the entire product are excellent; it needs to join the new Tengshi SUV family for renewal. 2. SUVs are sports multi-functional vehicles, which means that off-road capability, driving experience, cross-country performance, business travel, and all-around driving are indispensable. However, many so-called SUVs on the market can only be called pseudo-SUVs, as they only focus on certain functions for family needs, greatly compromising the multi-functional attributes of SUVs. 3. According to research, the market needs a SUV like this, which has a reasonable body size, all-around driving capability, a powerful power system, and a comfortable and spacious interior that can tow and meet more outdoor camping needs.

According to the information learned by Phoneauto, the Tengshi N8 is positioned as an “Intelligent Luxury All-Scene SUV” and has already passed the declaration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The dimensions are 4949/1950/1725mm in length, width, and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2830mm. In terms of power system, this model will provide both plug-in hybrid and pure electric versions. Among them, the plug-in hybrid version will be equipped with the DMP Xiaoyun plug-in hybrid-specific 1.5T efficient engine and EHS hybrid system. The engine has a globally leading mass production thermal efficiency of 40.12%, and the EHS hybrid system has a motor efficiency of up to 97.5% and a high-efficiency zone ratio of 90.3%, which is far ahead of its peers. At the same time, the pure electric CLTC range of this car can reach 240 kilometers, which can basically achieve pure electric travel in urban environments, being economical and environmentally friendly.

Zhao Changjiang revealed: The Tengshi N8 has an ultimate powertrain, with an acceleration of only 4.3 seconds per 100 kilometers, a maximum power of 452 kW, and a maximum integrated range of 1030 kilometers.

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