Chery Xingtu Xingjizhi Era ES opens blind orders, to be launched in the fourth quarter with blind order prices ranging from 260,000 to 360,000 yuan.

Chery Xingtu Xingjizhi Era ES Introduces Pre-Orders, Set to Debut in Fourth Quarter at Prices Ranging from 260,000 to 360,000 yuan

[PhoneAuto News] On October 16th, Chery’s Star Trip Star Era ES officially started blind orders, with blind order prices ranging from 260,000 to 360,000 yuan. The new car will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year. At the same time, the official also launched the “66 yuan blind order triple gift” activity, which includes the first car owner’s whole vehicle and three-electric lifetime quality assurance (non-operating), 66 yuan deposit can enjoy a 6,666 yuan car purchase deduction, and a gift of 5,000 points (points will take effect after the customer pays the deposit).

The front face of the Star Era ES has an eye-catching design, sharp headlight styling, and a continuous light strip. The LED screens on both sides of the front bumper’s air vents can display custom images, creating a strong sense of technological interaction. The Star Era ES is a high-performance electric sedan built on the E0X platform, which can create compact to midsize sedans, SUVs, MPVs, and other different models, as well as pure electric and extended range hybrid models. The new car adopts an integrated cockpit design, with a 15.6-inch intelligent central control screen and a Lion Melody sound system, equipped with 23 speakers. The peak power of the sound system can reach 1000W, and it supports panoramic sound effects. In terms of power, the Star Era ES has the characteristics of long endurance, fast charging, and ultra-long endurance mileage, with a low power consumption of only 11.7 kWh per 100 kilometers. It can sustain a range of 150 kilometers in 5 minutes of charging, and replenish 30% to 80% of energy in 15 minutes. The ultra-long range can reach 720 kilometers. In addition, the new car also has intelligent driving assistance functions.

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