EAON officially takes over Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi, and the third factory is scheduled to start production in 2024

EAON officially acquires Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi and plans to begin production at the third factory in 2024

【Phoneauto News】In the wave of electrification and intelligence in the automotive industry, many joint venture car manufacturers have gradually declined due to their inability to keep up with the times. Recently, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi issued a letter to all employees, announcing that Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi will officially withdraw from the stage of history, and Ai An will take over Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi’s factory.

According to Phoneauto’s understanding, due to poor sales of the new model Outlander, Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi’s factory in Changsha, Hunan has been in a state of production suspension. Both shareholders need to provide 1.884 billion yuan to support its normal operation. Now Mitsubishi may become another multinational brand to exit the Chinese market.

It is reported that Ai An’s project team has officially entered Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi and is preparing to transform this 200,000-capacity factory into its third factory. The Guangzhou Automobile Ai An third factory with the internal code name “ACS Project” has been officially launched, and the transformation of the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi production line has begun.

In addition, unlike the previous acquisition of the original Guangzhou Fiat Guangzhou factory, in addition to the existing factory, production line, and employees, Ai An is expected to also invest 670 million yuan to build a research and development center for the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi, which will include a styling laboratory, EMC laboratory, new energy laboratory, comprehensive laboratory, prototype workshop, and research building.

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