Paris will charge higher parking fees for SUVs, local officials calling it both wasteful and inefficient

Paris to increase parking fees for SUVs, deemed wasteful and inefficient by local officials

【Phoneauto News】Driving in Paris is not an easy task, and finding a place to park can be a nightmare. However, when the city introduces new strict parking fees next year, aimed at addressing what local officials call the “car driving problem,” the pain of some drivers will become even stronger.

In recent years, SUV models have been favored by many consumers worldwide due to their larger seating space, and their sales have been continuously increasing. This situation also applies in Paris, France. However, some local officials believe that the increase in SUVs has brought many problems. Some local officials believe that SUVs are both wasteful and inefficient, and they plan to increase parking fees to reduce pollution in the French capital.

Although the specific details of the plan, which will take effect on January 1, 2024, have not yet been announced, it is expected that the new regulations will set fees based on the size, weight, and power system of the vehicles. Electric vehicle drivers and people with large families can legally request to purchase large vehicles, and they are likely to be exempt from paying excessively high parking fees. According to estimates by Paris regulatory authorities, the number of SUVs in Paris has increased by 60% in the past four years, and now they account for about one-seventh of the 1.15 million cars parked in Paris every night. To address this issue, regulatory authorities unanimously voted in favor of the plan last month.

“There are no dirt roads, no mountain roads…SUVs have no purpose in Paris at all,” said David Belliard, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of transportation. “What’s worse is that they are dangerous, bulky, and use too many resources in their manufacturing.”

However, not everyone supports charging higher parking fees for SUVs. Pierre Chasseray, a member of the French Drivers’ Protection Organization representing 40 million drivers, said that the increase in the number of SUVs is due to larger families purchasing them to replace their original small vans. He told the media, “They are family vehicles… used for weekends or holidays. We are trying to cater to a very small percentage of the urban population who are deciding to make SUVs a symbol in the fight against pollution.”

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