Tesla initiates the second phase of expansion for its Berlin factory, with a projected annual production capacity of one million units upon completion

Tesla starts second phase of expansion for Berlin factory, aiming for one million annual production capacity

【Phoneauto News】As Tesla’s first super factory in Europe, the Tesla Berlin Gigafactory has faced many obstacles since its inception. From local environmentalists carefully inspecting every hole it drills to concerned citizens claiming that the factory is depleting local water resources. The Berlin factory has not yet achieved its expected annual production target of 500,000 units. However, in the increasingly important era of electric vehicles, Tesla is choosing to be prepared and has already started planning for the next phase and initiated related work.

Tesla Gigafactory

It is understood that Tesla has started the second phase of the expansion work of the Berlin factory. Reports indicate that Tesla’s expansion project will once again receive approval and is currently in the public consultation stage. From July 19 to August 18, the public can read relevant documents online, from national environmental agencies, and municipal halls. Then, they can express their thoughts and opinions at a public hearing that may be held in October.

Tesla Berlin Factory Production Line

It can be foreseen that if Tesla wants to expand the Berlin factory, it will also face another challenge from environmentalists. The main problem it needs to face is that part of the factory is located in a water resource protection zone, which has caused many conflicts. The expansion of the Berlin factory not only requires additional construction project approvals but also additional resources, including water and electricity, to produce more vehicles. According to the submitted plan, Tesla plans to build another large production site together with the Brandenburg Department of the Environment for the new production area. It will also optimize the existing production line processes to improve productivity. As part of the expansion plan, Tesla hopes to double the capacity of its battery production facility from 50 GWh per year to 100 GWh.

Tesla Berlin factory production line

Tesla introduced some measures it plans to take to minimize water usage at its Berlin factory in its “2022 Impact Report”. Tesla stated that it can maintain the same total water usage even if it doubles the factory’s production capacity. To achieve this goal, Tesla will implement hybrid cooling towers and eliminate quenching tanks in the casting process. It also introduced cascade rinsing systems in the paint shop and the battery cleaning process.

Tesla will also take further measures to treat and reuse water resources. Tesla plans to collect rainwater, which will be recycled and used for cooling manufacturing equipment. The condensate water from air conditioning can also be reused in the cooling towers to offset water consumption. Tesla has signed a contract for 1.4 million cubic meters of fresh water, which will be sufficient to meet the factory’s needs even after the completion of the second phase.

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