Fully benchmarking Tesla? Fisker launches four electric vehicles and has started accepting pre-orders

Fisker launches four electric vehicles and accepts pre-orders, fully benchmarking Tesla

【Phoneauto News】Fisker unveiled four new electric vehicles at its 2023 product showcase day, including the flagship supercar Ronin, the mass-market compact car Pear, the pickup truck Alaska, and the adventure version of the Ocean SUV, Force E. These models will be launched one after another in the next few years, and the relevant booking channels have already been opened.

Fisker’s four new cars

Ronin is Fisker’s most eye-catching new car, known as the world’s first four-door convertible electric sports car. It features a carbon fiber hardtop, limited production, and a range of up to 600 miles. Its appearance is somewhat similar to Fisker’s first car, the Karma, launched in 2012, with a low profile, full-width headlights, sculpted wheel arches, and scissor doors. It will serve as a “technology carrier” to showcase innovative technologies and compete with Tesla Roadster, among others.

Fisker Ronin

Pear is a compact electric hatchback launched by Fisker for the mass market. Its full name is Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. It has a starting price of $29,000, which can be reduced to $22,400 after federal subsidies (approximately RMB 168,000). It will be manufactured in the United States, built on the SLV1 platform, and save 35% of the components. It adopts a dual-motor all-wheel drive system and has a range of approximately 300 miles (482 kilometers). However, this car will not be officially available until 2025.

Fisker Pear

Alaska is Fisker’s attempt to enter the pickup truck market, competing with rivals such as Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F-150 Lightning. It has a rugged appearance and powerful performance to meet various work and entertainment needs. It is also equipped with a extendable tailgate to increase cargo space. Alaska is expected to be launched at the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

Fisker Alaska

Force E is an enhanced version of the Ocean SUV, designed for outdoor adventures. It features a higher ground clearance, larger tires, a more powerful suspension system, and more protective devices. It also has a removable solar roof that can provide additional power for the vehicle.

Fisker Ocean SUV Force E version

In addition to these new models, Fisker also showcased its next-generation supercomputer, which will debut on the Pear. This supercomputer will integrate all vehicle functions and provide an unparalleled user experience. It will support wireless upgrades, voice control, facial recognition, intelligent navigation, and other advanced features.

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