He Xiaopeng confirms Wu Xinzhou’s departure thanks for his contributions, organizational changes will be more focused on AI

He Xiaopeng confirms Wu Xinzhou's departure and expresses gratitude for his contributions Organizational changes will now prioritize AI

【Phoneauto News】On August 2nd, it was reported that Wu Xinzhou, the vice president of autonomous driving at Xiaopeng Motors, will join Nvidia as the “global vice president” and report to Huang Renxun. In response to this news, Xiaopeng Motors founder He Xiaopeng posted a lengthy article on Weibo.

Wu Xinzhou (left) and He Xiaopeng (right) in a photo together

In the article, He Xiaopeng confirmed the authenticity of Wu Xinzhou’s departure. He Xiaopeng said in the article, “Due to family and various reasons, Xinzhou expressed his intention to return to the United States in the second half of last year. There are many reasons behind it, but I respect and appreciate his thoughts. Therefore, in the following 10 months, we together determined a brand new work mode and made a lot of advanced and proactive optimizations and iterations in terms of architecture and organization. We also early on selected Dr. Li Liyun (previously responsible for Xiaopeng’s XNGP) to take over the AD team. Because we have been preparing for nearly a year, I have full confidence that the transition of the team and business will be smooth.”

In the article, He Xiaopeng also expressed gratitude to Wu Xinzhou in a steady manner. He said, “In my past career, I have never seen a person who can dedicate themselves so wholeheartedly to work and organization during a handover period of nearly a year. But in the recent cooperation with Xinzhou, I saw this for the first time. I am very, very grateful to Xinzhou.”

In the article, He Xiaopeng also discussed future development plans: “In the future, I will still personally lead our autonomous driving and research and development team. Together with Li Liyun and the team, we will continue to deliver the best XNGP to users. Our goal remains unchanged, to work day and night to complete 50 cities by the end of this year, and fully support our strategic partner, Volkswagen Group. In addition, Xiaopeng will make organizational changes that are more focused on AI. I firmly believe that the era of software-defined cars in the past will become an era of AI-defined cars. I will restructure Xiaopeng’s intelligent team, integrating AD, the cockpit, the machine brain, EEA, and multiple innovative projects into a stronger intelligent team, and increase the intelligent planning and operation team.”

At the end of the article, He Xiaopeng once again thanks NIO and his family for their efforts and contributions. He expressed that Wu Xinzhou will become the highest-ranking Chinese executive of a globally renowned company, and will continue to collaborate closely with Xiaopeng in various areas such as chip technology. He Xiaopeng also looks forward to reaching new heights in his career and deepening cooperation with Xiaopeng in more global fields in the future.

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