Ford reveals that the next generation electric SUV will be launched in 2025 with a range of approximately 563 kilometers

Ford's next generation electric SUV will launch in 2025 with a range of around 563 km

【PhoneAuto News】For some time, Ford has been pondering its next generation of electric vehicles, and speculation about what this automaker might bring has continued until today, as the automaker describes its soon-to-be-launched SUV as a “personal bullet train,” giving people a full understanding of what might happen in the future.

Today’s Ford Investor Day showcased several new projects and various details of the SUV that the company has been developing. CEO Jim Farley and Chief Executive of Electric Vehicles and Digital Systems Doug Field both heavily promoted this new vehicle, descriptions that surely will make car enthusiasts wonder what the future holds.

Farley and Field gave some hints about what Ford could bring. The two said that the new vehicle will be similar in size to the Expedition and will be equipped with three rows of seats, but it won’t replace the large SUV. Since its launch in 1997, the large SUV has been an important part of the company’s product line.

Completely canceling the Expedition doesn’t make sense. “It won’t make a very good electric car, and it won’t make a very good Expedition,” said Field, who has worked for Tesla and Apple.

The Expedition, powered by gasoline, still has a place and will continue to be built for those who need to tow or haul items for long trips. Transforming the Expedition from a traditional powertrain to an electric vehicle would require manufacturing a heavy, large, and expensive battery, which would make things inefficient and more expensive than necessary.

The new SUV will have its own unique exterior design. Field said: “It will be a longer, more stylish, and quieter vehicle, with amazing dimensions and interior space.” “This car is very beautiful and different from any other car in the field.” It should have a range of 350 miles (about 563km) and may be equipped with a 100kWh battery pack.

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