Is it really going to happen? Tesla continues to engage in high-level talks with Indian officials regarding the construction of a factory

Tesla is in talks with Indian officials about building a factory Is it going to happen?

【Phoneauto News】Following the previous meeting between Tesla CEO Musk and Indian Prime Minister Modi to discuss the establishment of a factory, two Tesla executives recently visited India and held another round of talks with officials from the country’s investment promotion department.

According to Reuters, Tesla’s Senior Public Policy and Business Development Executive, Rohan Patel, and Vice President of Supply Chain, Roshan Thomas, are currently in Delhi and have held talks with Invest India, including CEO Nivruti Rai. Although the details of these meetings have been kept confidential, it is believed that Tesla will also meet with Indian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, to discuss land allocation for the factory and how to establish an electric vehicle supply chain in India.

As the world’s third largest automobile market, following China and the United States, India’s automotive market has attracted numerous car companies, including Tesla. In May of this year, Tesla proposed to establish a super factory in India, about 12 months after suspending its plans to enter the Indian market. Last year, Tesla had hoped to import electric vehicles from the United States and China to sell in India, and requested exemption from the local tariff of up to 100%. However, this request was rejected by Indian officials.

Previously, Musk discussed Tesla’s investment plans in India with officials. Tesla hopes to enjoy some preferential policies in India, such as reduced import tariffs and land provision. Tesla also stated that if a factory could be established in India, it would create job opportunities and promote the development of electric vehicles in the country.

The Indian government is also very interested in Tesla because India is committed to reducing air pollution and carbon emissions, as well as improving energy security and efficiency. The Indian government has implemented measures to encourage the development of electric vehicles, such as providing subsidies, tax incentives, and charging facilities. The Indian government also hopes to attract more foreign investors to promote economic growth and technology transfer.

Currently, Tesla and the Indian government have not reached a final agreement, but both parties have expressed positive attitudes and willingness. If Tesla can establish a factory in India, it will have a significant impact on the Indian automobile market and the environment, as well as enhance Tesla’s global competitiveness and influence.

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