There is a risk of engine fire, and Hyundai is recalling approximately 55,000 vehicles domestically

Hyundai recalls 55,000 vehicles due to engine fire risk

【PhoneAuto News】On May 26th, PhoneAuto learned from the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation that Hyundai Motor Company has issued a recall announcement in China, announcing a total recall of 54,727 of its brand (including Kia) vehicles.

Hyundai Santa Fe

It is understood that Hyundai Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. has filed a recall plan with the State Administration for Market Regulation in accordance with the “Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recalls” and the “Implementation Measures for the Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recalls”. It was decided that starting from June 12, 2023, a total of 33,280 imported Kia Sorento 2.4L gasoline vehicles produced from April 1, 2011 to May 31, 2013 will be recalled; and a total of 21,447 imported Hyundai New Santa Fe 2.4L gasoline vehicles produced from June 16, 2011 to August 7, 2012 will be recalled.

Recall Announcement by the State Administration for Market Regulation

According to Hyundai’s statement, some vehicles within the above-mentioned recall scope may have early wear of connecting rod bearings and other engine damage. If the engine continues to run in this condition, it may stall or even cause a fire in the engine compartment, posing a safety hazard. Therefore, Hyundai has decided to recall and repair these vehicles. Hyundai will inspect the engine for recalled vehicles through authorized repair stations. If faults such as abnormal wear of the cylinder block assembly components are found, the cylinder block assembly will be replaced free of charge to eliminate safety hazards.

Last June, Hyundai also conducted a large-scale recall in China. At that time, the recalled vehicles included the new Santa Fe and ix35 models, with a total of over 200,000 vehicles. The reason for the recall was also related to the engine. Some vehicles within the recall scope may have a short circuit in the hydraulic electronic control unit (HECU) of the brake system, which may cause a fire in extreme cases, posing a safety hazard.

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