The 1000th Microlino retro-style urban car with two seats has been produced! The price is shocking

1000th Microlino urban car with two seats produced, price is shocking

【PhoneAuto News】Swiss (small) car manufacturer Micro Mobility Systems recently announced the production of its 1000th urban vehicle.


Startup Micro Mobility Systems started production of the Microlino at its Italian factory in June last year, and has received quite positive feedback. From the BMW Isetta-style appearance to its quirky nature, people are curious about this mini electric car.


Microlino is proud to offer a fun car designed primarily for urban living. According to the brand, it can accommodate two adults and “three beer crates.” Micro Mobility Systems has equipped the vehicle with three battery options: 6.0, 10.5, and 14.0 kWh battery packs. Their WLTP range per charge is 91 km, 177 km, and 230 km, respectively. However, don’t expect to test these range figures at highway speeds – after all, its top speed is only 56 mph (about 90 km/h).

Microlino is powered by a 12.5 kW (17 hp) electric motor. The automaker says this setup allows it to reach 31 mph (about 50 km/h) in 5 seconds. The entire product starts at EUR 17,990 (about RMB 140,000), while the debut price of its Pioneer Series is even higher, at EUR 22,990 (about RMB 180,000).

Although its price seems not bad for a car, it is not actually a car. Instead, Microlino is classified as a four-wheeler, which means it has more relaxed regulations than traditional cars. This helps Micro Mobility Systems to push Microlino to the market faster. Additionally, it is a safer and more versatile option than a motorcycle.

With the production of the 1000th product, Micro Mobility Systems will begin to introduce entry-level models in the downstream market of the Microlino series.

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