Nikola will begin delivering fuel cell trucks in September, but the CEO has already been replaced

Nikola will start delivering fuel cell trucks in September, but the CEO has been replaced

【Phoneauto News】Nikola is an American company dedicated to developing fuel cell trucks. It was once seen as a competitor to Tesla, but the company has been involved in a series of scandals and controversies. The founder and CEO, Trevor Milton, resigned after being accused of fraud and misleading investors, and the company’s relationships with partners such as General Motors and Bosch have also been affected.

However, Nikola has not given up its plans for fuel cell trucks. It recently announced that it will start delivering its first product, the Nikola Tre, in September of this year. This truck is based on the S-Way platform developed by the Italian manufacturer Iveco and uses a hybrid power system of hydrogen and batteries, with a range of up to 500 miles (about 800 kilometers).

However, the delivery of the Nikola Tre will be overseen by the new CEO, Steve Girsky, who replaced the board chairman, Loshler, who played a key role in completing the deal between Nikola and General Motors.

In addition to the Nikola Tre, Nikola also plans to launch more fuel cell truck models, including the Nikola Two and Nikola Badger. In order to ensure the smooth operation of these trucks, Nikola has partnered with multiple partners to build a series of hydrogen refueling stations and uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen. For Nikola, the biggest challenge is to keep the cost per mile of using fuel cell trucks as low as possible, while maintenance costs should also be lower than those of diesel trucks. This is the only way to successfully promote the adoption of these trucks.

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Despite facing many difficulties and challenges in the past year, Nikola still persists in its vision of fuel cell trucks and hopes to win market and consumer recognition in the future.

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