NIO ET6 Unofficial Renderings are Here Positioned as a Two-Door Sedan, the Rear Wing is Eye-Catching

NIO ET6 unofficial renderings Two-door sedan with eye-catching rear wing

【Phoneauto News】The ET series is NIO’s sedan product line. Currently, this product line has launched three models: ET5, ET5T, and ET7. If nothing unexpected happens, NIO will also release the ET6 in the future. So what will be the positioning of the NIO ET6? And what will it look like? According to Phoneauto’s understanding, a car blogger recently made an unofficial rendering of the NIO ET6. Let’s take a look.

Unofficial rendering of the NIO ET6 (Image source: Weibo)

From the pictures, the NIO ET6 adopts the more common yellow color seen on sports cars, which is brighter and more eye-catching than the yellow of the ET5. This seems to be more in line with the positioning of the car. The side details show that the waistline of the car looks very round and full, creating a sense of width. Of course, the two-door design also indicates that the new car is probably a “pure electric two-door coupe,” which is consistent with the product definition of NIO’s “6” series models. The rear of the car adopts a through-type light group similar to the NIO ET5, but the logo is placed above the trunk like the ET7. In front of the logo, a retractable rear wing is added, bringing more sports car flavor. It is worth mentioning that the front headlights of the NIO ET6 have a through-style design, which looks very personalized.

According to Phoneauto’s understanding, the official has not disclosed any information about the NIO ET6 model. On the Internet, there is not much reliable information about the NIO ET6. However, from the name of the model, it is not difficult to guess that the NIO ET6 is unlikely to be a conventional pure electric sedan. With the combination of the ET5, ET5T, and ET7 models, the possibility of NIO launching the ET6 is not high, at least in the short term, the NIO ET6 will not be released.

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