Horsepower of 2000! You have definitely never seen this 346 liter X12 engine before

This 346 liter X12 engine has a horsepower of 2000!

【PhoneAuto News】In the era when gasoline-powered cars reached their peak, engines came in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. Nowadays, most cars on the road use the tried and tested inline four-cylinder engines. However, not long ago, this standard also meant adding (or even doubling) the total number of cylinders. The cylinder layout of engines also varies depending on the type. Inline and V-type are the most common types, but there are also other configurations, such as horizontally opposed engines, VR-type engines, and W-type engines. Have you ever seen a 12-cylinder engine with an X-shaped layout?

Chelyabinsk 12N360 X-shaped 12-cylinder diesel engine

Recently, at an exhibition, the appearance of the Chelyabinsk 12N360 X-shaped 12-cylinder diesel engine attracted the attention of the media. Unlike ordinary car engines, this uniquely shaped diesel engine is mainly used in the Russian T-14 main battle tank. Essentially, the X12 engine is assembled horizontally from two V6 diesel engines, forming a “X” layout with a displacement of up to 34.6 liters.

Chelyabinsk 12N360 X-shaped 12-cylinder diesel engine

It is understood that this X12 engine can provide a conservative output of 1500 horsepower, but it can also provide more than 2000 horsepower to drive the T-14’s 53-ton weight. Under normal power output, the engine can last for at least 2000 hours, while at 1200 horsepower, its lifespan can be extended to 10,000 hours. Such a large power output also means that it has a considerable size. The engine weighs 3300 pounds (about 1.5 tons), which is equivalent to the weight of a Toyota GR Supra.

T-14 Tank

With the help of the 12N360 engine, the T-14 tank can travel at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour (80km/h), which is already very fast for a behemoth that weighs over 50 tons.

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