OPPO and OnePlus’ mobile phone sales during this year’s 618 festival increased by over 15 times, far ahead of the competition!

OPPO and OnePlus' phone sales during 618 festival increased 15x, surpassing competition

【PhoneAuto News】Around midnight on June 18th, PhoneAuto noticed that OPPO had also released its 618 sales report for this year. It is worth noting that this year, OPPO and OnePlus’s performance seems to be quite good, with their mobile phone sales increasing by about 156% compared to 2022, and multiple models achieving impressive results. Among them, OnePlus’s sales and revenue growth rate compared to the industry, also achieved a “far ahead”!

In the 2023 618 promotion, OnePlus’s cost-effective model OnePlus Ace 2 won the sales championship for Android phones priced above 2500 yuan on JD.com; OPPO’s flagship model OPPO Find X6 Pro won the sales and revenue championship for Android phones priced above 6000 yuan on Tmall; OPPO’s new flagship OPPO Reno10 Pro+ won the sales and revenue championship for Android phones priced above 3500 yuan on Douyin; OPPO K10x won the sales and revenue championship for phones priced between 1000 yuan and 1500 yuan on Pinduoduo. At the same time, the OPPO Watch 3 series became the top three in sales of smartwatches priced between 1000 yuan and 2000 yuan on JD.com and Tmall platforms; OPPO’s smartwatch brand sales on Tmall and JD.com platforms also ranked in the top three.

In addition, OPPO and OnePlus have achieved top three sales for Android phone brands on JD.com, top two sales for Android phone brands on Tmall, top two sales for Douyin official flagship stores, and top three sales growth rates for Pinduoduo phones.

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