Apple and Samsung factories in Vietnam are affected by power shortages, while China is restarting its electricity exports to Vietnam

Power shortages impact Apple and Samsung factories in Vietnam; China resumes electricity exports to Vietnam

[PhoneAuto News] On June 18th, according to CCTV reports, Vietnam has experienced extremely high temperatures recently, leading to a “power shortage” that has had a serious impact on people’s lives. The “power shortage” has also affected the production of major companies such as Apple and Samsung in Vietnam. On June 16th, Singapore’s Asian News Channel commented that the tense energy supply in Vietnam may bring “unpredictable” losses to foreign manufacturers, and may even cause another blow to Vietnam’s exports.

It is understood that in order to alleviate the severe power crisis, Hanoi has closed many public lighting at night to save electricity for “critical purposes”. This year, Vietnam has experienced several rare heat waves, and the demand for electricity by the people has grown rapidly, leading to power outages in many parts of the country. Since early June, some industrial parks in northern Vietnam have begun to experience rotating power outages, and factory production has been forced to stop. The Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade said that a total of 11,000 companies in the country agreed to reduce their electricity consumption.

In response to this, domestic experts have stated that Vietnam’s power crisis this time is related to the rapid development of the Vietnamese economy in recent years, but the guarantee of power infrastructure has not kept up in time, and the drought has further exacerbated the crisis. Meanwhile, Zhao Qian, president of the Ho Chi Minh City branch of the Vietnam-China Chamber of Commerce, told the media that companies in southern Vietnam have not experienced power crises, and “the power has not been cut off for a day”.

It is worth mentioning that in May of this year, Guangxi resumed power transmission to Vietnam after a hiatus of 7 years. In response, Bai Ming, a member of the Degree Committee of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the resumption of power transmission to Vietnam will not affect China’s domestic power supply this year. Bai Ming believes that Vietnam’s temporary power gap caused by extreme high temperatures purchasing electricity from China and Laos is a normal emergency measure and will not affect the industrial pattern in the long run.

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