Huawei Nova 11 series still understands young people the most There are too many reasons to switch to it for the 618 shopping festival

Switch to Huawei Nova 11 series for 618 shopping festival - perfect for young people

【PhoneAuto News】The Huawei nova11 series has been on sale for some time now and has gradually gained popularity. I have been using the nova11 Ultra for only a month, and what I like about it is its portrait shooting ability, as well as practical features and configurations such as dual-directional Beidou satellite messages and Kunlun glass. At the same time, the design and color matching of this phone are also at a flagship level. Unfortunately, I missed the 618 promotion, but now the lowest price for the nova11 is only 2449 yuan, and there are also many discounts for the nova11 Pro and nova11 Ultra.

The nova11 series provides many color options, including 11th Green, Obsidian Black, Snowy White, and Dawn Gold. Among them, the 11th Green and Obsidian Black use the industry’s first suede embossing process, which is very outstanding in terms of visual and tactile experience. Especially the 11th Green, I believe many people, like me, have chosen this color, which is a personal choice.

Image quality has always been the focus of the nova series’ upgrades. This time, the nova11 series is equipped with a 60 million pixel 4K ultra-wide-angle portrait lens on the front for shooting 4K videos. The nova11 Pro and nova11 Ultra also add an 8 million pixel portrait telephoto lens on this basis, which is particularly useful when shooting delicate portrait photos and can provide an ultimate portrait shooting experience.

On the back, the nova11 and nova11 Pro are equipped with a 50 million pixel super-sensing lens and an 8 million pixel ultra-wide-angle macro lens, with RYYB color filter array, which can present richer details when shooting low-light portraits. The nova11 Ultra is equipped with a 50 million ultra-high-sensitivity imaging system, and the main lens aperture has been upgraded to a unique intelligent variable aperture, which supports ten-level adjustment. It can bring better background blur effect when shooting close-ups or close-range scenes, and can make each person clear and visible in group portrait shots, which is obviously advantageous compared with other models in the same category.

Not only does the nova11 Ultra use optical imaging technology, but it also incorporates “black technology” in the form of bi-directional BeiDou satellite messaging. The so-called bi-directional BeiDou satellite messaging allows users to send messages to other users like SMS and also supports message replies. This function may not be commonly used, but it can be a lifesaver when outdoors.

All three models of the nova11 series offer an optional version with Kunpeng glass, which is a very rare configuration in the 2,000 yuan price range and can be seen as a technology popularization. Kunpeng glass is something we are already very familiar with, as it can increase a phone’s drop resistance by ten times and effectively reduce damage when it accidentally falls.

In addition, the nova 11 Ultra and nova 11 Pro also support 100W super fast charging and Turbo 2.0 charging mode. The battery can be fully charged in 20 minutes, which is a significant advantage over other models in the same class. The super fast charging Turbo mode was first launched on the Mate and P series phones and has been highly praised by Huawei users. Now, not only the nova 11 Ultra and nova 11 Pro, but also the nova10 and nova9/9 Pro have adopted this technology, further improving the charging speed.

Compared to similar products, the nova11 series has a significant advantage in the 2,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan price range, with upgraded imaging and the application of “black technology” greatly improving the user experience. Of course, these three models have minor differences in their positioning. The nova11 is thinner and has a 93.4% screen-to-body ratio; the Pro model focuses on front-facing portrait photography, appearance and skin pressure flower technology, and 100W super fast charging, making it more suitable for users who have certain requirements for self-portraits, hand feel, and fast charging; the Ultra model, based on the Pro version, also offers ten levels of physical aperture and is equipped with bi-directional BeiDou satellite messaging, making it the best choice for consumers who frequently travel and take pictures outdoors.

During the 618 period, Huawei launched the “Huawei 618 Smart Enjoyment of Summer” campaign, with the nova 11 series available for online pre-order with a maximum discount of 50 yuan + 24-month interest-free installments, and an additional gift of Huawei classic headphones. The nova 10 series is available for online purchase with a discount of 300-500 yuan and additional gifts such as phone cases. The nova 10 SE is available for online pre-order with a discount of 200 yuan, and an additional gift of Huawei classic headphones.

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