TCL Huaxing has released a 475-inch curved car screen using mini-LED technology

TCL Huaxing released a 475-inch curved car screen with mini-LED tech

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, the Society for Information Display (SID) held the 2023 Display Week in Los Angeles, where TCL Huaxing officially launched its first in-car display screen.

TCL Huaxing releases 47.5-inch curved screen for cars

This is a 47.5-inch curved screen that measures about 1.4 meters in length and can extend from one side of the vehicle to the other. The entire screen is touch-controlled and can respond to multiple touch operations at the same time, allowing drivers and passengers on both sides of the vehicle to operate a large screen at the same time.

It is reported that the screen has a radius of 4200R and contains 3000 mini-LEDs with local dimming in each of the 3000 areas. In addition, this screen has a contrast ratio of up to 1000000:1 and supports native 8K resolution, making it the highest-resolution screen in the automotive industry developed by TCL.

Considering that “large screens” have become a major selling point for smart cars, it is believed that in the future, more screen manufacturers will create screens specifically for cars, and consumers will be able to enjoy a new experience through the large screen on the car.

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