Tesla owner is dumbfounded by the bill $21,000 to repair the car that broke down during a rainy day.

Tesla Owner Shocked by $21,000 Repair Bill After Car Breaks Down in Rainy Weather

【PhoneAuto News】For electric car owners, having to replace the battery is definitely one of the situations they least want to encounter, especially after their vehicle inexplicably breaks down. Recently, foreign media reported the experience of a Scottish couple who had to spend $21,000 (about 153,500 RMB) to replace the battery pack of their Tesla Model Y due to a battery failure, which left them quite unhappy.

Tesla Model Y

This Scottish couple, Johnny Bacigalupo and Rob Hussey, told the media that the incident happened earlier this month when they went out for dinner. They admitted that there was heavy rain in Edinburgh, where they were dining, but their Model Y was working fine on the way to the restaurant. However, when they tried to leave, the vehicle wouldn’t start. The couple stated that after waiting for 5 hours, they finally got the tow truck arranged by Tesla, so they feel that Tesla’s after-sales service was not as helpful as they expected.

After multiple communications with the Tesla service department, the couple finally received a call on Wednesday afternoon at 5:30, saying that the battery was damaged due to water ingress. Unfortunately, the damaged battery is not covered by the 8-year warranty, so the repair cost is about £17,500 ( $21,000). Bacigalupo said he expected the worst-case scenario to be a repair cost of £500 or £1,000 ($610 to $1,220). When he learned about the repair cost, he was extremely shocked, but he managed to ask Tesla staff about the reason for such a huge expense.

Tesla Model Y

“He told me that because the weather in Scotland is very bad, there was water inside. That’s the problem. They said it may not necessarily be my fault, but Tesla should not be responsible for it,” Bacigalupo said. “I think this should be Tesla’s responsibility because I have never heard of or experienced anything like this before. He said Land Rovers and Mercs might have this issue, but I don’t agree.”

Although this couple acknowledged that some areas of Scotland had special weather warnings last week, they said that heavy rain in Edinburgh is not uncommon for the region. Bacigalupo said that his experience has been extremely terrible and it has made him question whether his decision to purchase a Tesla was the right one. In his opinion, if heavy rain can cause a vehicle’s battery to fail, perhaps Tesla is not suitable for use in the Scottish region.

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