Tao Lin Many car owners still choose Tesla after accidents! Are they talking about Lin Zhiling?

Tao Lin Despite accidents, Tesla remains the top choice for many car owners! Is Lin Zhiling the reason?

【PhoneAuto News】On October 17th, PhoneAuto noticed that Tesla’s Vice President of External Affairs, Grace Tao, posted a message stating that some Tesla owners have experienced being sandwiched between large trucks, but their Tesla cars remained structurally sound. This is thanks to Tesla’s strong vehicle body built using their one-piece casting process, which enhances safety and reduces the need for frequent repairs. “Choosing Tesla even after an accident” is a true testament to the confidence many owners have in Tesla.

Grace Tao: Many owners still choose Tesla after accidents! Is this referring to Jimmy Lin?

It’s worth noting that the phrase “Choosing Tesla even after an accident” easily brings Jimmy Lin to mind.

Grace Tao: Many owners still choose Tesla after accidents! Is this referring to Jimmy Lin?

In July 2022, according to Taiwanese media reports, a car accident occurred on Taoyuan City’s Zhongzheng North Road, witnessed by someone who saw a father and son inside the vehicle. It is said that the father and son were none other than the famous artist Jimmy Lin and his son. At the time, Jimmy Lin was driving a Tesla Model X, carrying his son from Zhongzheng North Road to Taoyuan. The accident happened mid-journey. After the accident, Jimmy Lin suffered head injuries and temporarily lost the ability to speak.

Although experiencing such an accident, in February 2023, media interviewed Jimmy Lin and asked for his views on Tesla. Jimmy Lin still stated that he owns a black Tesla car and has no psychological trauma. If he had any trauma, he would have sold that black Tesla long ago.

It is known that Jimmy Lin is a loyal Tesla user and has praised Tesla’s driving experience on many public occasions.

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