camp’s new member, the Honor Magic V2, has shown the greatest sincerity

The Honor Magic V2, the new member of the camp, has shown great sincerity

【phoneauto】The hottest topic in the mobile phone industry these days is undoubtedly the release of the Honor Magic V2 foldable screen phone. One reason is that Honor CEO Zhao Ming has called for “farewell to Apple’s dominance.” Another reason is that Magic V2, with its excellent quality, has indeed attracted attention from the industry and consumers, bringing the thickness of the foldable screen into the millimeter era. This was something that was unimaginable at the beginning of the year, but now Honor has achieved it.

As for how popular Magic V2 is in the market, I think the most intuitive evidence is the sales report. In the report released by Honor yesterday, it was described as follows: “The sales of Honor Magic V2 during the 12-hour pre-sale on the four major e-commerce platforms broke the sales and revenue records of all Android phones, including flat-screen phones, in the past year, and the pre-sale performance far exceeded expectations.” Although there are many adjectives, careful analysis reveals that Honor Magic V2 has truly broken the records of sales and revenue, making other Android phones seem like “little brothers.”

Moreover, judging from the current sales situation on the Honor Mall, the estimated delivery time for new orders has been pushed back to before September 20th, a full two months. On the night of the release, I also checked the time, and basically, shipments could have started in early August. But just one day later, the delivery time was extended by more than a month, which is enough to show its popularity.

In recent years, there has been a popular term in the mobile phone industry – “once used, difficult to go back.” It describes a situation where once you have used a certain phone, you can’t go back to using the previous product. I think this term is particularly fitting to describe the Honor Magic V2, and the anchor point used is the Honor Magic V. When Honor Magic V was released, I remember it very clearly. Its weight of 261g was indeed considered good at that time, and the overall thickness was also controlled at around 12mm, without too many flaws.

However, when Huawei Mate X3 was released at the beginning of the year, after using Mate X3 for the first time, I understood the difficulty of going back once used. It is truly a shock when compared to not knowing. Now, the release of Honor Magic V2 can be said to have regained its own position in a certain sense. With a thickness of 9.9mm and a weight of 231g, it is even thinner and lighter than Mate X3, leaving Magic Vs far behind. It is also a kind of difficulty to go back once used. Of course, after the release of Magic V2, I truly understand why Honor named it Vs instead of V2, because the upgrade is not as expected. It would be better to make a small modification and wait for the stunning appearance of V2.

At the press conference, Zhao Ming also compared the weight and thickness of Magic V2 with iPhone 14 Pro Max and Huawei Mate50 RS Porsche Design. Both competitor’s products are flat-panel phones, but Magic V2 has advantages in terms of slimness, which is very rare for a foldable screen product. Of course, the choice of competitor’s models is also quite particular, all priced above ten thousand yuan, and all configurations are fully loaded. Relatively speaking, they are not considered mainstream. If the next generation of Magic V can further reduce the weight to around 200g and the thickness to around 9mm, it may even become a milestone in the development of foldable screen smartphones.

For ordinary users, slimness is also the key to falling in love with foldable screen phones. This kind of experience may not be easy to measure visually, but once you get your hands on it, you can clearly feel the thickness and weight. After weighing Magic Vs and Magic V2, some of my friends around me unanimously chose the latter, which is enough to show the influence of slimness on the final decision. From a technical perspective, slimness often represents technology. Only when technological innovation has reached a certain level, can we explore even slimmer foldable screens. I believe that manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi are constantly exploring, but this process is relatively long.

From a visual perspective, foldable phones look like two straight board phones spliced together, creating a larger screen. Additionally, there is an external screen when it is closed. Overall, having three screens is quite enjoyable. However, after obtaining the actual device, some practical issues can be found, such as app truncation caused by the external screen ratio, and app display issues caused by the internal screen ratio, among others. Of course, manufacturers are actively working on solving these issues and developing interesting or practical features to stimulate consumers’ curiosity and exploratory desires.

Using the Honor Magic V2 as an example, this time it brings the Parallel Space function, which is commonly understood as having two separate system spaces for independent use, such as one for work and one for personal life. Indeed, it can be used in this way, but the Honor Magic V2 offers much more than that. For gaming enthusiasts, Parallel Space allows you to have various buffs stacked. We have also conducted tests for everyone. For example, one space can be used to play “King of Glory” while another space can be used to play “Sky: Children of the Light”, without interfering with each other. However, it is worth noting that it is better not to have two games that require extensive operations, as it may be difficult to handle both, so it is more suitable to choose a cultivation game or a game that can be played with friends to rank up.

Another thing we have tested is the durability of the foldable screen. For ordinary users, they often worry that if they accidentally drop and damage the foldable screen, they will regret it and therefore abandon the idea of purchasing it. We conducted a test by dropping it from a height of about 1.2 meters, testing both the front and back sides (typical falling scenarios in daily life do not exceed 1.2 meters). In the end, the Magic V2 remained intact and could be used normally. This is thanks to the second-generation nano-crystalline glass on the Magic V2, which makes the entire device 10 times more resistant to drops. It can be said that it remains calm even in the face of daily falls. If the Magic V2 is a fierce warrior on the battlefield, then the second-generation nano-crystalline glass is the most resilient armor on its body.

Actually, before the release of Magic V2, I had always guessed that the price would be around 7,500 yuan, after all, it had to align with Magic Vs. But the price announced at the launch event, starting at 8,999 yuan, instantly made me calm down. At first, I thought it was expensive, but after calmly looking at the storage specifications, I thought it was actually not bad. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have sold out so quickly.

The price of the Honor Magic V2 16GB+256GB version is 8,999 yuan, the 16GB+512GB version is 9,999 yuan, and the ultimate version with 16GB+1TB is priced at 11,999 yuan. Let’s analyze it. The Magic V2 series is equipped with 16GB of RAM, without the option of 12GB. On the other hand, the Magic Vs has three configurations: 8GB+256GB, 12GB+256GB, and 12GB+512GB, with corresponding prices of 7,499 yuan, 7,999 yuan, and 8,999 yuan. In this way, the price of the Magic Vs’ 12GB+512GB version is aligned with the Magic V2’s 16GB+256GB version, so it seems that the prices are relatively balanced.

Of course, looking at it from a different perspective, since the Magic V2 comes with 16GB of RAM, is there room for a price reduction? It is possible that they may release a 12GB+256GB version in the future, which would further lower the price. In the fiercely competitive foldable screen market, consumers not only consider the brand but also the price and the overall experience. Pricing is based on the experience, while the brand is established based on a long-term and comprehensive perspective. Honor needs to accelerate on this path. Personally, I am quite optimistic about the Magic V2 and believe it will become a new benchmark in the foldable phone market this year.

From the release of Honor’s first foldable screen phone, Magic V, to the release of the updated Magic Vs at the end of last year, and now the appearance of Magic V2, Honor has spent a year and a half creating three foldable screen phones. And Magic V2 has become the industry’s thinnest and lightest flagship foldable phone, which is actually a race against time for Honor. Since its separation, Honor has been racing non-stop. First, the emergency rescue of the Honor 50 series, then the shaping of the high-end market with the Magic3 series, and gradually returning to normal by creating products comparable to Huawei and Apple. After running its own smile curve, Honor continues to have a positive outlook. “The road ahead is long and winding, but I will seek and explore.” Perhaps this is the true portrayal of Honor.

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