The headquarters office of the new force in car making, Ai Chi, has already terminated the lease and some employees need to pay for their own social security

Ai Chi car company HQ terminated lease, some employees pay own social security

【PhoneAuto News】Currently, China’s new energy vehicle industry is booming. Among them, in addition to various old car companies, many new car-making forces have also achieved considerable achievements, such as NIO, Xiaopeng Motors, Ideal Motors, and so on. However, not all new car-making forces are the same. Recently, it seems that WM Motor has fallen into trouble, with frequent news of layoffs and salary cuts, and PhoneAuto has noticed that Aiways seems to be in a similar situation.

Recently, according to Caijing News, insiders of Aiways confirmed to reporters that the headquarters staff of Aiways are currently working from home. In addition to the headquarters office being vacated, Aiways has also defaulted on employees’ salaries for March and April this year. Employees have been informed that the salary for May has not yet been settled. At the same time, Aiways issued a notice internally stating that the company is working hard to resolve the issue of social security and provident fund payment in April, and will notify separately after clarification. In order to meet the needs of employees in urgent need, Aiways has opened a self-funded social security and provident fund payment channel. Employees who agree to the labor contract will be changed to Shanghai Yiwu Zhi Jia Company from May 1st, and are required to make payments to the relevant account before May 25th. The company will refund the employees later.

Aiways was established in 2017 and currently has two mass-produced models and an automobile factory with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. However, Aiways’ sales seem to be not ideal. In 2020, Aiways sold 2,600 vehicles, 3,011 vehicles in 2021, and 2,824 vehicles in the first eight months of 2022. Overall, there is a considerable gap between Aiways and other new car-making forces.

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