Cadillac may welcome a new flagship! Electric version of Cadillac Escalade exposed, with the potential to achieve a horsepower of 1,000

New flagship potential for Cadillac! Electric Escalade revealed, could reach 1,000 horsepower

【PhoneAuto News】In recent years, major global car companies have been working hard to transition towards electrification, and General Motors is no exception. Its luxury brand Cadillac has already launched the LYRIQ pure electric SUV and announced a super luxury pure electric sedan, CELESTIQ. Recently, another test car of a pure electric version of a luxury Cadillac model has appeared in the lens of photographers.

Cadillac Escalade

According to foreign media reports, even before Cadillac officially announced the launch of a electric version of Escalade named ESCALADE IQ later this year, spy shots of the car’s test have already been exposed. Although the test car was covered with thick camouflage, its overall shape looks smoother than the regular fuel version, and the rear of the test car seems to have been specially disguised to make the vehicle look more three-dimensional. However, as an electric SUV, this design will obviously cause greater resistance to the vehicle, so it is unlikely to be designed this way.

ESCALADE IQ official release

Although it is currently difficult to determine other details about the vehicle, it is expected that the front grille of ESCALADE IQ will also support lighting, and the new car will also use low-resistance wheels to reduce wind resistance. However, the test car is currently equipped with regular eight-spoke 24-inch wheels.

ESCALADE IQ spy photos exposed

There is no doubt that the new car will definitely be based on the general Altium platform, but considering the positioning and size of the Cadillac Escalade, its specific platform selection should be different from the BT3 platform of models such as the LYRIQ. It is more likely to choose the BT1 platform similar to the Hummer EV. The SILVERADO EV built on this platform has a maximum horsepower of 664 horsepower. However, even if the Cadillac Escalade finally uses the 1000 horsepower three-motor system from the Hummer EV, it will not be surprising.

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