Selling from 149,900 yuan! The Deep Blue S7 is officially launched Are you surprised by the price?

Deep Blue S7 launched starting at 149,900 yuan Surprised by the price?

【PhoneAuto News】On June 25th, PhoneAuto learned that Deep Blue’s second model, the Deep Blue S7, was officially launched. The new car is available in two power options: extended range and pure electric. The price range for the extended range version is 1.499-1.699 million yuan, with three models available; the official guide price for the pure electric version is 1.899-2.029 million yuan, with two models available. It is worth mentioning that the official price of the car is 20,000 yuan lower than the previous pre-sale price, making it very competitive in the 150,000-200,000 yuan range.

Deep Blue S7

In terms of appearance, the Deep Blue S7 continues the family design style of the Deep Blue SL03. The front face adopts a large-area closed front panel, and the “petal”-shaped LED headlight group is also continued, making it look more young and sporty. Looking from the side, the car body adopts the design style of a crossover SUV, matched with hidden door handles and 21-inch five-spoke two-color rims, creating a good sports atmosphere. The rear of the car adopts a meteorite crystal-penetrating taillight + luminous LOGO light source design, which is highly recognizable.

In terms of size, the Deep Blue S7 is 4,750/1,930/1,625 millimeters in length, width, and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,900 millimeters. It is positioned as a mid-sized electric SUV and is similar in size to the Tesla Model Y.

Deep Blue S7 Interior

Entering the car, the overall layout of the Deep Blue S7 is relatively simple, adopting a luxurious yacht-style design and equipped with a 15.6-inch co-pilot smart steering sunflower screen and a 12.3-inch ultra-sensitive smart screen for the co-pilot, which greatly simplifies the use of physical buttons in the car and is full of a sense of technology. In terms of configuration, the car also provides “front row double zero gravity massage seats,” DEEPAL 14-speaker sound system, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 car chip, etc.

As for the powertrain, the new car provides two types of power systems: pure electric and extended-range. The pure electric version offers two versions of CLTC range, 520 kilometers and 620 kilometers, respectively. The former is equipped with a single motor with a maximum power of 190 kW, while the latter is equipped with a single motor with a maximum power of 160 kW. In addition, the extended-range version uses a 1.5-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine as a range extender. The maximum power of the 1.5-liter engine is 70 kW, and the maximum power of the driving motor is 175 kW. It provides two versions of CLTC pure electric range under working conditions: 121 kilometers and 200 kilometers, respectively.

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