Car companies continue to change their logos! Opel releases a brand new lightning logo to be used starting in 2024

Opel releases a new lightning logo to be used from 2024

【PhoneAuto News】With the arrival of the era of vehicle electrification, more and more traditional automakers are not only focusing on new electrified products but also turning their attention to their brand logos. In the past two years, many car companies have launched new designs for their logos, and Opel is the latest automaker to join this team.

Opel releases a new logo

Although Opel has low visibility in China, this subsidiary of the Stellantis group based in Germany recently launched a brand new logo. Opel said that the new lightning symbol helps to connect the brand with electricity. Florian Huettl, the CEO of the company, said that the company hopes to become a fully electric brand in Europe by 2028 and plans to introduce 15 electric versions or new electric models into its current product line this year.

Opel releases a new logo

Opel said that the first mass-produced car equipped with the new logo will be launched in 2024, and multiple new cars using the new logo will be launched in the same year. Although it has not yet revealed which model will first use the new logo, Opel said that it will introduce the new logo in detail at the IAA Mobility Munich Auto Show this year and will provide surprises for visitors to the show.

Opel releases a new logo

From the updated Opel logo, it can be seen that there are significant differences compared to the old version. The new logo will continue to be located in the center of the Opel Vizor family-style front face, and additional spacing has been added around the central lightning symbol to separate it from the surrounding circle. The new lightning symbol also looks sharper. Mark Adams, Opel’s Vice President of Design, said: “The sharp and confident new ‘lightning’ intersecting with the pure outer ring gives our iconic logo a more novel and modern appearance.”

Old Opel Logo

Since 2019, Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Nissan, Lotus, Kia, General Motors, Cadillac, and many other companies have updated their brand logos. Just last week, Infiniti also announced a refreshed brand logo. As more and more automakers enter the electric vehicle market, they are not only updating their products, but also hoping to convey their new direction to customers through new logos.

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