Official Announcement! Lucid and Aston Martin Establish Long-Term Strategic Technology Partnership

Lucid and Aston Martin partner for technology

【PhoneAuto News】On June 27, PhoneAuto learned that Lucid announced the so-called “final agreement” with Aston Martin to establish a long-term strategic technology partnership to accelerate Aston Martin’s iconic British brand’s high-performance electrification strategy and long-term growth.

Aston Martin will use electric powertrain technology developed and manufactured internally by Lucid, including its ultra-high-performance electric drive unit, battery technology, and Wunderbox, for future electric vehicle projects. Aston Martin will also develop a new electric vehicle platform with the help of Lucid, which will integrate its proprietary technology and components provided by Lucid.

Lucid establishes a long-term strategic technology partnership with Aston Martin

Peter Rawlinson, CEO of Lucid Group, said: “This partnership will be a milestone collaboration between Aston Martin and Lucid. Aston Martin is a legendary brand with a rich history and has won championships at Le Mans and achieved success in F1.” “According to its strategy, Aston Martin chose Lucid, recognizing the profound benefits of adopting its world-leading electric powertrain system technology, and the breakthrough 516-mile EPA range of the Lucid Air Grand Touring is a testament to that.”

According to Lucid, Aston Martin considered several companies and ultimately selected Lucid through a competitive analysis process, determining that Lucid was the company that best fit Aston Martin’s future electric vehicle development plan.

Lucid Air

“According to our strategy and requirements, we have chosen Lucid to provide the highest performance and most innovative technology in the industry for our future pure electric vehicle products,” said Aston Martin Executive Chairman Lawrence Stroll.

Aston Martin plans to integrate Lucid’s electric vehicle technology and its new platform into its first pure electric vehicle model, which will be released in 2025. Aston Martin is also partnering with Britishvolt to develop high-performance electric vehicle batteries for its future electric vehicle projects.

In exchange, Aston Martin will pay Lucid technology access fees with a combination of Aston Martin stock and phased cash payments, and Lucid will become a shareholder of Aston Martin. In addition, Lucid and Aston Martin will make supply plans for Lucid’s powertrain components and systems.

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