Don’t worry about traffic jams anymore? After endorsing Mazda, Tony Leung Chiu-wai admitted that his previous comment about not experiencing traffic was a slip of the tongue

Tony Leung Chiu-wai admitted his previous comment about not experiencing traffic was a slip of the tongue after endorsing Mazda

【PhoneAuto News】As a well-known actor in China, Tony Leung has played many classic screen characters during his decades-long career in film and television, and has also contributed many memorable moments to movies. His line “You’re driving a Mazda, no wonder you’re stuck in traffic” in the movie “Black Gold” has become a long-lasting meme in the automotive industry. However, surprisingly, yesterday Tony Leung unexpectedly became the spokesman for Mazda’s new car CX-50, which people call the “century’s reconciliation”. He also appeared on stage at the Changan Mazda 2023 Fan Festival on June 25.

Tony Leung endorses the Mazda CX-50

At the event, Tony Leung expressed his views on the reconciliation with Mazda. He said, “I am pleased to have this opportunity to make friends again with Mazda. I think this is a very meaningful cooperation and a very interesting challenge. I hope that through my endorsement, more people will come to understand the advantages of Mazda and feel its charm. The CX-50 is a great SUV. First of all, its exterior design is very attractive, and it has a spacious interior that is comfortable to sit in. Then it’s very easy to drive and has good handling. In my opinion, this car is the most powerful one among practical cars and the most stylish one among idols. When driving the CX-50, it’s like a racing car, and there’s no traffic jam!”

Movie memorable moment

After the release of the movie “Black Gold”, Tony Leung explained to the media about that line. He said that “Mazda traffic jam” was just a slip of the tongue. He meant to say “racing” instead of “traffic jam”, but his Mandarin was not good at the time. In addition, he also said that he had no malicious intentions or biases against Mazda. He had even driven a Mazda 323 before and thought it was great. He also said that even if his lines had a negative impact on Mazda, he had not received any lawsuits or compensation notices.

Tony Leung attends Mazda event

Wang Xiaosong, General Manager of Changan Mazda, said in an interview that they had always wanted to find an opportunity for Tony Leung and Mazda to officially reconcile and clear up the misunderstanding. He said, “We think Tony Leung is a very outstanding actor and a very charming person. We believe that he and our brand image are very compatible, so we decided to invite him to endorse our new car.” Wang Xiaosong also revealed that when they contacted Tony Leung’s agent, they were very willing to accept this invitation, and Tony Leung himself was also very willing to “clear the name” for Mazda.

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