Can the price be reduced? Two departments support the purchase and use of new energy vehicles in rural areas

Can price be lowered? Two departments endorse new energy vehicle usage in rural areas

【PhoneAuto News】The development of new energy vehicles is promising, but in most rural areas, they are far from being popularized. If the demand for new energy vehicles in rural areas can be fully released, it will undoubtedly bring huge benefits to the entire market. According to PhoneAuto, two departments recently pointed out in their implementation opinions that they will support the purchase and use of new energy vehicles in rural areas, and encourage relevant departments and institutions to provide diversified purchasing support policies.

New energy vehicles

On May 17, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Charging Infrastructure to Better Support the Popularization of New Energy Vehicles in Rural Areas and the Revitalization of Rural Areas”, which mentioned encouraging eligible places to provide vouchers and other supports to rural residents who purchase new energy vehicles within the county where their household registration is located. Encouraging relevant automobile companies and eligible places to offer incentives for replacing low-speed electric vehicles with new energy vehicles. Encouraging local governments to strengthen the linkage between politics and enterprises, and to carry out activities such as offering charging coupons with car purchases. Increasing support for automobile consumption credit in rural areas, encouraging financial institutions to reasonably determine the down payment ratio, loan interest rates, and repayment period under the premise of legal compliance and controllable risks.

Currently, the level of charging infrastructure construction in rural areas is relatively low. In order to increase the willingness of rural consumers to purchase cars, progress must be made in this area. The good news is that the above implementation opinions also mentioned the direction of charging infrastructure. The opinions propose to strengthen the layout and construction of public charging infrastructure. Supporting local governments to carry out county and township public charging network planning based on actual conditions, and coordinating with national land space planning, power grid planning, etc. to accelerate achieving full coverage of charging stations in areas suitable for using new energy vehicles in each county and full coverage of charging piles in each township. In addition, it is necessary to reasonably promote the construction of centralized public charging stations, and prioritize the allocation of public charging facilities in county and township enterprises, commercial buildings, transportation hubs (stations), service areas (stations) along highways, etc., and extend them to relocated and concentrated resettlement areas, key rural tourism villages, etc., and accelerate the construction of charging piles at places such as gas stations along highways that meet the conditions in combination with the development of rural self-driving tours.

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