HarmonyOS 4 for Huawei receives a major upgrade! Enhancements in three aspects

'HarmonyOS 4 for Huawei gets major upgrade, with enhancements in three aspects'

【Phoneauto News】On the afternoon of August 4th at 14:30, the HDC.Together2023 Huawei Developer Conference was held, and the new HarmonyOS 4 was released. The brand new Xiaoyi, empowered by AI big models, continues to enhance in smart interaction, efficient productivity, and personalized services. Xiaoyi, with the integration of big models, becomes smarter, more capable, and more considerate!

Using advanced big model technology, combined with enhanced third-generation ASR, full-duplex, and other technologies, Xiaoyi has powerful natural language understanding abilities, capable of understanding and comprehending more colloquial expressions from users. Users no longer need to remember precise functional descriptions, they can express their needs intuitively, and Xiaoyi will understand. For example, elderly people may have difficulty remembering professional terms such as desktop wallpapers and power-saving modes. They only need to say to Xiaoyi, “I want to put my grandson’s photo on the desktop,” and Xiaoyi will help them change the wallpaper.

With the support of big model technology, Xiaoyi’s visual intelligence capabilities are further enhanced. HarmonyOS 4 is based on OCR, CV, and other technologies, allowing Xiaoyi to intelligently recognize text and objects in images, such as phone numbers, addresses, URLs, emails, dates, and courier numbers. It can also provide further services, such as allowing Xiaoyi to recognize the location on a poster and navigate with one click, or asking Xiaoyi to note down the event time, and more.

The experience of Xiaoyi’s broadcast has also been optimized, providing different broadcast experiences in different scenarios, such as news broadcast tone, custom voices, and hyper-realistic tones.

In HarmonyOS 4, Xiaoyi supports natural language communication with users. With user authorization, Xiaoyi can understand and record the user’s intent, whether it’s a sudden idea, important events, or key dates. Users can also ask Xiaoyi for memory recall and receive timely reminders based on Xiaoyi’s suggestions.

In HarmonyOS 4, Xiaoyi brings natural language understanding ability through large model technology, which can perform intelligent scene arrangement and task creation through conversations with users. It can also complete intelligent automation execution by perceiving different situations after logical reasoning. For example, users only need to tell Xiaoyi, “Wake me up at 7 o’clock every day for work. If it’s raining, wake me up half an hour earlier and report the road conditions to the company.” Xiaoyi can understand the user’s intention and create a “workday mode” for the user.

Xiaoyi also introduces for the first time the commonly used scene suggestion card for users, providing one-stop smart combination suggestions proactively. For example, before traveling abroad, Xiaoyi will remind users in real time of the latest exchange rates, currency exchange, and destination travel guides.

Xiaoyi has more accurate and comprehensive search capabilities. Users do not need to remember the exact title of a document. By providing a general description of the content, Xiaoyi can help find the corresponding document, greatly improving work and study efficiency. It also has the ability to understand and summarize information. Users can send documents and information links to Xiaoyi and ask, “What is the main point of this article?” Xiaoyi can then extract and analyze the core points of the document. Xiaoyi’s meeting minutes support real-time/non-real-time voice transcription, as well as multi-accent recognition and role recognition, which improves work efficiency.

Xiaoyi can also help users quickly complete copywriting in common scenarios, such as writing holiday greetings, reviewing products, and inviting guests. Previously, Xiaoyi helped write the invitation copy for Huawei Developer Conference, which was posted on Weibo by Huawei’s Executive Director and CEO of the Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu. Finally, the brand new Xiaoyi also introduces AI greeting card function, which can help users generate a unique greeting card according to their needs.

The newly upgraded Xiao Yi is more user-friendly and convenient, and can bring users a more intimate user experience. In addition to the interesting Xiao Yi, HarmonyOS 4 has also been improved in terms of personalized space, efficient gameplay, and smooth security.

The new Xiao Yi will start inviting testers to experience it later this month.

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