Media lists seven expectations for the Samsung Z Fold5 Will it bring surprises this time?

Media lists seven expectations for Samsung Z Fold5 Will it bring surprises?

【phoneauto】With the approaching of Samsung’s new product launch event on July 26th, there has been an increasing amount of information about its new foldable phone, the Samsung Z Fold5. Recently, foreign media techradar listed seven new upgrades to this new Samsung foldable flagship and analyzed the possibilities based on the latest leaks. In their opinion, these seven improvements are necessary to enhance consumer perception.

Samsung Z Fold5

Foreign media report

Those who have seen the Samsung Z Fold4 will surely have a deep impression of its external screen. Its external screen size is 6.2 inches, similar to the screen size of ordinary smartphones, but the 23.1:9 aspect ratio is quite different, making it narrower, longer, and more difficult to use compared to regular phones. Compared to Samsung, Google’s Pixel Fold has a more coordinated external screen ratio and is more comfortable to use.

Some specifications of the Samsung Z Fold5

However, unfortunately, according to the current leaks, it seems that the external screen ratio of the Samsung Z Fold5 will not undergo significant changes and will continue the design style of the Z Fold4.

Another dissatisfaction people have with Samsung foldable phones is that although their camera performance is generally good, it has not reached the best level that Samsung can provide.

Samsung S23 Ultra

If you prioritize photography, then you would definitely choose the Samsung S23 Ultra, which, with its 200 million pixel main sensor and powerful periscope telephoto function, unquestionably performs well in imaging. Although the Z Fold4 is also equipped with multiple lenses, as Samsung’s most expensive phone, its imaging system should be able to deliver better performance.

Therefore, for the Samsung Z Fold5, we hope to see the same rear camera options as the Samsung S23 Ultra; this means it will be equipped with a 200 million pixel main camera, a 12 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 10 million pixel 3x optical zoom telephoto lens, and a 10 million pixel periscope telephoto lens.

Samsung Z Fold5

Will we see this possibility? The answer is most likely no. With the exposure of the Samsung Z Fold5 camera system, it may adopt one or more new sensors, but it is almost impossible to reach the level of the Samsung S23 Ultra.

Currently, all folding screen phones have creases at the folding area. These creases are visible and also exist below the screen, but the creases of different phones are also different. Although most people will quickly get used to the creases, this is not an ideal situation, so if the internal screen of the Samsung Z Fold5 can hide the creases as much as possible, it is expected to greatly improve the user experience.

Samsung Z Fold4 crease

However, according to current leaks, it may still have creases, but they are slightly smaller than before. There are reports that the size of the creases on the Samsung Z Fold5 is reduced by 15% compared to the previous generation, mainly because of the new water drop hinge design. Although 15% may not sound like a big upgrade, it is a step in the right direction.

Samsung Z Fold5

High-tech products are always expensive, and in the current world of smartphones, it is hard to find a type with higher technological content than folding screen phones, especially those that can be used as a small tablet when opened horizontally. This is exactly what we expect from the Samsung Z Fold5.

As a result, the current prices of horizontal foldable screen smartphones are still expensive. It requires more money, but with the gradual maturity of the technology, the prices of many new foldable screen smartphones from various manufacturers have decreased compared to before. Therefore, many people also hope that the price of the Samsung Z Fold 5 can be lower than the starting price of the Z Fold 4, which is $1799 (or 12,999 yuan for the Chinese version).

Samsung Z Fold 4 Chinese version price

However, based on the currently disclosed information about the new device, it seems unrealistic to expect a price reduction for the Samsung new device. The best case scenario is that the Samsung Z Fold 5 maintains the same price as the Z Fold 4. However, there are reports that the Z Fold 5 is not only unlikely to decrease in price, but it may even face a slight increase.

According to leaks, the Samsung Z Fold 5 starts with a 256GB version, with a starting price of 1899 euros (about 15,078 yuan), which is 100 euros (about 800 yuan) more expensive than the previous generation product; The 512GB version is priced at 2039 euros (about 16,190 yuan), which is 120 euros (about 960 yuan) more expensive than the previous generation product.

As a horizontal foldable screen smartphone, the Samsung Z Fold 5 is equipped with an internal screen the same size as a small tablet. In order to meet the needs of this large screen, a larger battery obviously has a more important impact on improving battery life. However, the previous generation Samsung Z Fold 4 only had a 4400mAh battery, which is 600mAh smaller than the battery of the Samsung S23 Ultra. Even compared to other foldable screen smartphones, the Samsung Z Fold 4 does not have any advantages.

Samsung Z Fold 4

Speaking objectively, the small battery capacity is not a unique problem of Samsung foldable phones, it is also a major challenge that the entire foldable screen smartphone market needs to solve. Perhaps it is because it needs to accommodate a second screen and a hinge, which occupies precious battery space, but this is a problem that consumers hope manufacturers can solve.

Unfortunately, this issue may not be resolved in the Samsung Z Fold5 this year. Reports suggest that Samsung will continue to equip the device with a 4400mAh battery. However, there is hope for improvement in future models. There are rumors that Samsung is planning to equip the S24 Ultra with a new type of stacked battery, which allows for a 10% increase in battery capacity in the same volume. If this is the case, this technology is likely to be applied to Samsung’s future Z Fold6.

In addition to a larger battery, faster charging speed is also a major aspect of interest for many people looking forward to new foldable screen phones. Even without considering the 240W and 200W super fast charging on realme and Redmi, the charging power of the Samsung S23 Ultra can reach up to 45W. However, in the previous Samsung Z Fold4, the maximum charging power was only 25W.

Samsung Z Fold5

Therefore, it would be good news if Samsung could improve the charging speed of the Z Fold5. However, this is unlikely to happen because most leaks currently suggest that the maximum charging power of the new device is still limited to 25W.

However, similar to the larger battery, faster charging power is likely to appear in the Samsung Z Fold6. According to previous reports, Samsung has upgraded the charging technology of the S24 Ultra, which can provide a maximum charging power of 65W. This progress is likely to appear in future foldable screen phones.

The recently released foldable screen phones from Samsung have good waterproof performance, but they still lack in terms of dust resistance. Therefore, if the Z Fold5 can make improvements in this aspect, it may provide users with more peace of mind in daily use.

Samsung Z Fold4 supports IPX8 waterproofing

Unlike many of the expectations mentioned above that are difficult to achieve, there have been mentions of improvements in dust resistance in related leaks, with reports claiming that the Samsung Z Fold5 will have an IP58 dust and water resistance rating. The “5” here is a key number, as this would mean a significant improvement in dust resistance for the new device.

However, there are also sources that have given a different account, stating that the Z Fold5 “does not meet the IP58 dust resistance standard,” so it is still difficult to determine whether it will have an upgrade or not. However, considering that the Samsung Z Fold5 will be officially released in a few days, we can believe that by then we will know whether it ultimately supports a higher level of dust resistance.

For a horizontally folding screen phone, the above seven expectations also reflect to some extent the inner desires of most consumers. However, from the current related leaks, it seems that the Samsung Z Fold5 has not brought enough upgrades in these aspects. However, before the new device is released, everything is still unknown. We believe that the manufacturers can also see the demands of consumers in terms of product performance for folding screen phones and can make the next new product better.

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