F1 Hungarian Grand Prix Verstappen wins, Zhou Guanyu faints at the start and drops to 11th place

Verstappen wins F1 Hungarian Grand Prix, Zhou Guanyu faints at start, drops to 11th

【phoneauto News】The F1 Hungarian Grand Prix officially kicked off at 9 pm Beijing time on July 23. In the previous qualifying race, Hamilton took pole position with a slight advantage of three thousandths of a second, while Zhou Guanyu achieved his best qualifying race result of fifth place and started at the front.

The five red lights went out, and the race officially began. However, Zhou Guanyu’s start was not good. After corner 1, Ricciardo hit Ocon, causing Ocon to collide with his teammate Gasly. As a result, Ocon and Gasly had to retire due to damage to their cars, and Alpine suffered a blow at the beginning. This collision caused Zhou Guanyu to drop 11 positions and return to his familiar 16th place, while also receiving a 5-second penalty. Verstappen and Perez successfully overtook Hamilton, and Verstappen once again took the lead.

Zhou Guanyu dropped 11 positions at the start

Perez, who started on the hard tires, began a continuous pursuit and overtook Hamilton to reach seventh place in the 8th lap. Due to the high track temperature causing severe tire wear, Albon, Stroll, Bottas, and Tsunoda all made a pit stop around the 10th lap and switched to hard tires. Zhou Guanyu also pitted later to change tires and served a 5-second penalty. In the 16th lap, Sainz, who started on soft tires, pitted and switched to hard tires, and after exiting the pit, he reached 11th place. Hamilton, on the medium tires, subsequently made a pit stop and came out just ahead of Ricciardo.

During the tire change, the always mischievous Ferrari sacrificed Leclerc once again. Due to the failure to remove the left front wheel in time, Leclerc’s pit stop took a whopping 9.4 seconds, dropping him to 11th place directly. In response to Hamilton’s pit stop, the two McLarens completed their pit stops one lap apart, with Norris overtaking Ricciardo who had pitted one lap earlier. In the 23rd lap, Verstappen pitted and changed to hard tires, but still maintained the lead after exiting the pit lane.

Leclerc’s 9.4-second tire change

In the 43rd lap, Perez, who had failed to surpass Hamilton before, chose to pit, attempting to overtake Hamilton through strategy, and achieved an impressive 1.9-second tire change. Afterwards, Leclerc and Alonso also completed their second pit stops, but Leclerc received a 5-second penalty for exceeding the speed limit in the pit lane. In the 52nd lap, Verstappen also completed his second pit stop and continued to lead after exiting the pit lane. In the 54th lap, Verstappen set a purple sector with a time of 1:20.504, more than 2 seconds faster than any other driver in a single lap. As all the teams completed their second pit stops, the positions of the teams remained relatively stable. In the 65th lap, Russell overtook Sainz to reach 7th place.

Leclerc under investigation for speeding in the pit lane

Finally, Verstappen once again won the Hungarian Grand Prix, helping Red Bull break McLaren’s record of 11 consecutive wins and achieve a streak of 12 wins. Norris and Perez also stood on the podium. Zhou Guanyu finished in 16th place.

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