Mitsubishi’s new SUV debuted in Indonesia with a maximum horsepower of 103 It will be officially released on August 10th

Mitsubishi's new SUV debuted in Indonesia with 103 horsepower and will be officially released on August 10th

【Phoneauto News】Recently, Mitsubishi held a special event in Indonesia to showcase the exterior design of a new compact SUV. Although the name of the new car was not announced on-site, it is rumored to be called “Xforce.” The official release date for this SUV is set on August 10th, and it will be unveiled at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS). Delivery is expected to commence in November.

Mitsubishi’s New Car Debut

This SUV’s design is very similar to the Mitsubishi XFC concept car introduced in 2022, and it is a new model specifically built for the Southeast Asian market with Indonesia as the focus. The new car retains about 90% of the design style from the concept car. Compared to the concept car, the production model mainly has changes in smaller wheel sizes, conventional designs for side mirrors and door handles, as well as the elimination of fancy daytime running lights on the lower skid plate. The front grille and LED headlights also underwent some changes. Other than that, the concept car’s off-road stance and muscular body have been fully preserved.

Mitsubishi’s New Car

Since the prototype car’s windows are covered in black, we cannot see the interior. Mitsubishi has also not released any interior photos. However, Mitsubishi promises that this SUV will have a “spacious cockpit” and “versatile storage space.” The company also confirmed that this SUV will be equipped with Yamaha audio, including coaxial two-way speakers and high-frequency speakers.

Mitsubishi’s new car

Mitsubishi has not disclosed the specifications of this model, which will be announced at the official release. However, in the previous teaser, the company has confirmed that this SUV has a ground clearance of 222 millimeters and four driving modes (normal, sand/gravel, mud, and slippery), allowing it to safely travel on rugged roads and waterlogged paths. According to the latest rumors, the Xforce may be equipped with a non-electric gasoline power system. It may borrow the 1.5-liter engine used in the larger Mitsubishi Xpander, with a maximum power of 103 horsepower (77 kilowatts/105 horsepower) and front-wheel drive.

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