Musk hopes Toyota will join the NACS alliance The charging speed of Toyota’s bZ4X is too slow

Musk wants Toyota to join NACS alliance due to slow charging speed of Toyota's bZ4X

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, a netizen complained on Twitter that the charging speed of the Toyota bZ4X was slow, taking about 3 hours to charge from New York to Washington, while the Model Y only took about 30 minutes under the same conditions. Tesla CEO Elon Musk retweeted and said that Toyota should join the North American Charging Standard (NACS) of Tesla. In the past few weeks, many car manufacturers and charging companies have promised to use the NACS connector.

Ford is the first major automaker to announce that all of its electric vehicles will be converted to be compatible with Tesla superchargers without an adapter starting in 2025. Starting next year, Ford electric vehicles will be able to use 12,000 Supercharger stations in North America, but they will need an adapter. By 2025, an adapter will no longer be needed.

Shortly thereafter, General Motors announced a nearly identical partnership with Tesla. In addition, many charging companies including ChargePoint, Blink, and Kempower have also stated that they will use NACS.

More major car manufacturers are likely to announce the same strategy soon, although NACS has not yet been established as a standard by CharIN (Electric Vehicle Charging Interface Initiative).

Musk encouraged Toyota to join the NACS standard, saying that the charging experience of the Toyota bZ4X was “extremely slow”. “They should join the NACS Alliance!” Musk said.

Of course, NACS will not help vehicles charge faster, but with the connector, it will provide more possibilities for vehicles to charge in more places, and perhaps make long-distance travel experience easier.

Toyota has long been considered a car manufacturer that lags behind in the adoption of electric vehicles, opting for hybrid systems. This week, Toyota announced that it will produce high-performance solid-state batteries to increase and improve driving range, while also working to reduce the production costs of electric vehicles.

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