Nezha CEO Nezha GT no eyebrow version will be launched in the fourth quarter, users can choose

Nezha CEO Nezha GT without eyebrows will be available in Q4, users can choose

【PhoneAuto News】The Nezha GT is a very popular car under the Nezha Auto brand. Although it is not a sales champion, its identity as a domestic electric sports car and its affordable price have attracted a large wave of attention. According to PhoneAuto, recently, Nezha Auto CEO Zhang Yong revealed the latest news about this car on Weibo. The “no eyebrow” version of the Nezha GT will be launched in the fourth quarter, and users can choose freely at that time.

Nezha GT

Zhang Yong said on Weibo: Is it better to have eyebrows or not? We conducted market research during the product design and R&D P3 phases, and the conclusion was that most people accepted the scheme with eyebrows, so we chose “eyebrows”. However, after the Nezha GT was launched, many users gave feedback that it would be better to remove the eyebrows. In response, Zhang Yong said that we quickly made an adjustment plan: the car without eyebrows will be launched in the fourth quarter, giving users the right to choose “with” or “without”. Moreover, if you change your mind after a period of time, you can change it back through after-sales service, and the cost is within 2,000 yuan.

Nezha GT “with” or “without” eyebrows version

According to the official data and information, the performance of the Nezha GT after its launch is still good. Previously, Zhang Yong said that although the data for May has not yet been fully released, the delivery volume of the Nezha GT in the sports car subdivision market is expected to be significantly ahead, striving for a “far ahead” position in June! Zhang Yong also disclosed the user profile of the Nezha GT-female customers account for nearly 30%, those under 30 account for more than 50%, the first car accounts for 40%, the replacement ratio is less than 3%, the additional purchase accounts for about 57%, and the top three existing car models for additional purchase customers are: Honda Accord, BMW 3 Series, and Toyota Camry. In addition, 82% of Nezha S male car owners, the top three replacement cars are BMW 3 Series, Honda Civic, and Nezha U, and the top three additional purchase cars are Audi A4L, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

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