Toyota showcases Crown electric version and new solid-state battery with a range of up to 1500km

Toyota displays Crown electric model and solid-state battery with 1500km range

【PhoneAuto News】Although Toyota says that electric vehicles are not the only direction for development, its actions are honest. Recently, at the “Let’s Change the Future of Cars” seminar held by Toyota in Japan, the company revealed new details about its electrification plan.


According to foreign reports, although this seminar revealed a lot of content, the most important content has two points: the launch of a new pure electric version of the Crown model and a new type of solid-state battery. Toyota showcased its next-generation electric cars. The car will be launched in 2026. Toyota stated that they will be much more advanced than today’s models and will provide significantly improved batteries. Toyota plans to provide various battery packs, which will allow Toyota to provide more choices to the market. The company’s products for the mass market will use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which are lower in cost and also have decent performance. Toyota stated that if the new lithium iron phosphate battery is installed on the Toyota bZ4X, its cruising range will increase by 20% and the cost will be reduced by 40%.

Toyota’s Future Plan

The company is also developing a new performance battery that will provide a range of 1000 kilometers (621 miles). This will make range anxiety a thing of the past for electric vehicles. Toyota stated that by improving vehicle efficiency in areas such as aerodynamics and weight reduction, it will be possible to achieve long-distance driving for electric vehicles.

Toyota Solid-State Battery

In addition to traditional batteries, Toyota also revealed the development progress of its new solid-state battery. Toyota plans to commercialize solid-state batteries in 2027 or 2028. The company estimates that compared with performance batteries, the range of solid-state batteries will increase by 20%, so the range will reach 1200 kilometers. This type of battery can also allow vehicles to complete 10%-80% of the charging in 10 minutes or less, which is close to the speed of refueling a fuel car. If you are still not satisfied with this range, Toyota said it is already developing a “higher specification” solid-state battery. The goal of this model is to increase the range by 50% compared to performance batteries, reaching an amazing 1500 kilometers.

Toyota Crown Electric Version

At this seminar, Toyota also showcased the new Crown electric car. It is unclear whether the car will be equipped with Toyota’s latest performance battery or directly equipped with a stronger solid-state battery in the future.

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