Learn from Tesla! Toyota will adopt integrated die-casting body to manufacture electric vehicles

Toyota to use integrated die-casting body for electric vehicle production, following Tesla's lead

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, Japanese car manufacturer Toyota showcased its first body made using a 1,000-ton die-casting process to the public, which will help reduce the cost of its upcoming electric cars. This new electric car will be based on a new architecture that will be launched in 2026.


From the video and related images released by Toyota, it appears that the company has adopted the 1,000-ton die-casting process at the rear of the vehicle frame, which is similar to what Tesla uses for the Model Y and the upcoming Cybertruck, using an integrated molding process. Toyota has previously stated that it will draw inspiration from Tesla’s manufacturing process, such as using a 1,000-ton press to simplify production and ultimately reduce costs to increase profitability.

New integrated casting process (right) and original process (left)

Although Toyota did not mention the difference between the new and old processes, we can see from the photos that products made using the old manufacturing process consist of at least 33 different components, while those made using the 1,000-ton casting process consist of only one large metal component, which will greatly reduce the number of processes involved in production and simplify the manufacturing process to reduce costs. In Toyota’s plan, the new EV platform will consist of three main modular components, including the front part, the middle part that can accommodate the battery pack, and the rear part.

Previously, Toyota also revealed other news about the new platform electric vehicle. The company stated that the first electric vehicle built on the new dedicated architecture will debut as a Lexus in 2026. It will be equipped with the next generation lithium-ion battery, which can achieve a range of over 600 miles (965 kilometers). The most interesting part of Toyota’s new electrification plan is the hope to launch an advanced solid-state battery pack, which will be available after 2028 and can provide a range of over 900 miles (1448 kilometers) when fully charged.

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