Reverse! Toyota changes its perspective on electric cars and announces new battery technology

Toyota announces new battery technology for electric cars, reversing its previous perspective

【PhoneAuto News】Toyota is one of the world’s most respected car manufacturers, but there is no doubt that the Japanese automotive giant has been lagging behind in the field of battery electric vehicles. In recent years, Toyota has been reiterating its support for hybrid solutions and avoiding the idea of turning to all-electric vehicles, a view expressed by several of its top executives worldwide.

However, despite being a carmaker willing to defend its hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars as much as possible, a recent statement by the company suggests that things may be changing.

Toyota electric car

According to Toyota’s technology roadmap, the company will produce high-performance solid-state batteries to improve vehicle range. It is expected that such innovations will also reduce the cost of the company’s electric vehicles. Reuters reported that Toyota shared the plan the day before the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

The Japanese automaker said it hopes to launch its next-generation lithium-ion battery technology from 2026, which should offer longer range and fast charging capabilities. The company also mentioned a “technical breakthrough” to address solid-state battery issues and said it is developing a method to commercialize the batteries by 2027 to 2028.

Solid-state batteries are superior to current battery technology, but they are expensive and scaling up production is a challenge. Toyota said it will produce a lithium-ion battery electric vehicle with a range of 621 miles (about 1000km) for the high-end market. The company also said that the range of an electric vehicle powered by a solid-state battery should be about 745 miles (about 1200km) and can be charged in 10 minutes.

If Toyota can achieve its ambitious battery plan, it will surpass many competitors in the electric car market. However, even though the company’s expected specifications for solid-state batteries far exceed the performance of current commercial batteries, whether they can be compared to the batteries produced by Tesla is still unknown.

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