Jaguar Land Rover’s new logo has been criticized by netizens the flat design is too abstract and difficult to appreciate

Netizens criticize Jaguar Land Rover's logo for being too abstract and hard to appreciate

【PhoneAuto News】On June 2nd, Jaguar Land Rover officially announced that it will be renamed to JLR, and released a new brand logo. However, after the new logo was released, many netizens seemed to be dissatisfied with it, and criticized the new design for being too abstract.

Changes to the Jaguar Land Rover logo

Under related Weibo news, many netizens expressed their confusion about the new logo of Jaguar Land Rover. Some directly expressed that they did not like the new logo design, while others joked that the new logo was similar to the representation of some domestic old man’s cars. In the future, JLR hopes to eliminate the ambiguity between the two brands of Jaguar and Land Rover, and create four sub-brands: “Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar.” The company also stated that the new JLR will only be used as the unified identification of the company, but the specific logo of each sub-brand will be retained for their respective models, so there is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient vehicle identification.

Netizen comments

In recent times, perhaps to welcome the arrival of the electrification era, many car companies have redesigned their brand logos, and like Jaguar Land Rover, adopted the design concept of flatness. For example, Buick has replaced its logo with the new Tri-Shield logo, Cadillac has used black and white colors, and Kia has used a more abstract design. Among them, Kia’s new logo has also caused heated discussions because of its excessive abstraction, and many people did not even know that this was Kia’s new logo at first.

Some car companies that have replaced their new logos

Compared with the aforementioned car companies, Porsche, which has also recently introduced a new logo, has been relatively conservative. Porsche stated that the design of their new logo took three years, but the changes are very subtle. Even seasoned Porsche fans may find it difficult to identify the changes in the new logo.

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