Anhui’s government vehicles will all be purchased with new energy sources as a principle, with the goal of becoming a smart and strong province

Anhui government vehicles to run on new energy sources to become a smart and strong province

【PhoneAuto News】China’s new energy vehicle development has reached the forefront of the world, which cannot be achieved without the efforts of car companies and policy support. It is reported that the automobile industry has developed rapidly in Anhui in recent years and has become a pillar industry. In order to promote the development of new energy vehicles, Anhui recently released relevant documents, announcing that Anhui will accelerate the electrification of official vehicles, buses, taxis, and online ride-hailing services. Party and government agencies, public institutions, and state-owned and state-controlled enterprises will purchase new energy vehicles for all new and updated official vehicles, in principle.

New energy vehicles

On May 28th, at the launch ceremony of the “Investment in Anhui” series of activities, the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission released the “Ecological Construction Plan for the New Energy Vehicle and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry in Anhui Province”. The plan proposes that Anhui will carry out seven ecological constructions in innovation, intelligent manufacturing, service, talent, culture, capital, and opening up, and will build Anhui into a “smart car strong province” with global reputation and influence by 2027.

Anhui official vehicles will purchase new energy vehicles, in principle

According to reports, in 2022, Anhui’s automobile production reached 1.747 million vehicles, and the production of new energy vehicles reached 527,000 vehicles, both ranking seventh in the country.

According to the plan, by 2025, breakthrough progress will be made in cultivating world-class automobile industry clusters, and the industrial ecology will be fully established. A new development pattern will be formed with pure electric vehicles as the mainstay, plug-in hybrid vehicles as the auxiliary, and hydrogen fuel demonstration. It will form a brand-new ecology of whole vehicles, parts, and after-sales service, with reasonable layout, distinctive features, and bursting vitality. The automobile production will reach 4.1 million vehicles, and the proportion of new energy vehicles will reach 50%. The production of power batteries will reach 150GWh, and the ratio of whole vehicles and parts will reach 1:1.2. The scale of the after-sales market will reach 60 billion yuan.

By 2027, Anhui will build 2-3 world-class automobile companies and world-renowned automobile brands, gather a group of “first-class” key component companies, cultivate a group of leading aftermarket companies, and become a “smart and strong province” with global visibility and influence.

In promoting the application of new energy vehicles, Anhui will accelerate the electrification of government vehicles, buses, taxis, and online car-hailing services. Party and government agencies, public institutions, and state-owned and state-controlled enterprises will purchase new energy vehicles for all newly added and updated government vehicles.

In addition, in terms of ecological construction and protection, Anhui will establish a dedicated automobile office responsible for promoting projects, policies and other initiatives. A special fiscal fund will be set up with a total of 20 billion RMB allocated over five years, including 10 billion RMB from the provincial finance, specifically for the seven major ecological construction projects. A special investment fund for the automobile industry chain will also be established with a total investment of over 100 billion RMB, aimed at building an automobile industry cluster with international influence.

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