F1 Monaco Grand Prix finished, Verstappen wins, Alonso faints and loses good opportunity due to strategic mistakes

Verstappen wins F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Alonso faints and loses chance due to mistakes

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of May 28th, Beijing time, the 2023 F1 Monaco Grand Prix officially ended in Monte Carlo. Although the heavy rain at the end of the race added suspense to the latter half of the schedule, Aston Martin’s tire strategy mistake caused Alonso to fail to successfully make a comeback. In the end, Verstappen, who won the pole position, still won the championship by finishing first, with Alonso taking second place. Alpine driver Ocon won third place and won his third F1 career podium, as well as his first podium of the season. Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu finished thirteenth.

Verstappen wins the Monaco Grand Prix

As the five red lights went out, the 2023 F1 Monaco Grand Prix officially began. Verstappen started very well and kept his first position, with Alonso following closely behind. Zhou Guanyu, who started on the red tires, and Perez, who started on the yellow tires, chose to pit in the first lap. Hulkenberg also pitted in the first lap due to car damage. However, thanks to the fact that the three drivers who changed their tires were not much slower than their opponents, they soon caught up with the team and did not fall too far behind. In the 12th lap, when Sainz tried to overtake Ocon, his front wing accidentally hit Ocon’s car, causing damage to his own car’s rear. As the race went on, Verstappen continued to expand his lead, leading Alonso by more than 5 seconds after 14 laps. Moreover, due to the narrow track in Monaco, it was even more difficult for Alonso to overtake.

Verstappen’s race car

The variable of the race appeared in the 52nd lap when rain began to invade the track, especially at turns 6, 7, and 8. Most vehicles using hard tires began to slip noticeably. The sudden rainfall also brought suspense back to the race. Some drivers, including Zhou Guanyu, had already entered the pit lane to switch to intermediate tires. However, Aston Martin’s tire replacement strategy had problems. They called back Alonso but changed to yellow tires, which were completely unsuited to the wet track conditions. Later, Verstappen and Ferrari’s two cars successively switched to intermediate tires, while the leader (Hamilton) also entered the pit lane shortly after changing to yellow tires, and switched back to intermediate tires, which caused him to miss the excellent opportunity to overtake Verstappen.

Podium threesome

Final finishing order

In the end, Verstappen still held his top position, while Alonso, who stopped twice and had one pit stop, failed to overtake him and finished in second place. His former teammate Ocon won third place and his first podium of the season. Hamilton came in fourth, and although Russell received a penalty, he still held on to fifth place. Leclerc, who played at home, finished sixth, Gasly seventh, and eighth to tenth place were: Sainz, Norris, and Pierastri. Zhou Guanyu finished in thirteenth place.

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