SAIC confirms joint development of electric vehicles with Audi our previous collaborations have been very strong

SAIC confirms partnership with Audi for electric vehicle development, previous collaborations successful

【Phoneauto News】On July 20th, it was reported that SAIC Motor and Audi have reached a consensus to accelerate the development of electric vehicles through cooperation, following the rumors of Audi’s purchase of SAIC’s electric platform. Both parties believe that the Chinese automotive market is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, and therefore they will further deepen their strategic cooperation.

Zu Sijie, Vice President of SAIC Motor and Director of SAIC’s Research and Development Institute, said that the cooperation between SAIC Motor and Audi has been strong. In the new situation, there will be different ways of cooperation in the future, and the cooperation methods for each project will be different, such as licensing, joint development, etc. He said that it is indeed felt that the cooperation between SAIC and foreign partners is different from the past, and all cooperation is win-win, and the partners have always been worth learning from.

Zu Sijie said: “Audi is our strategic partner and is also undergoing a deep transformation. We will jointly develop technologies. SAIC Audi will deepen cooperation and ensure win-win cooperation. It will show Audi’s new style on the new track.”

Just recently, there was news that Audi was in negotiations with SAIC Motor to purchase its electric vehicle platform, possibly the Zhiji brand platform. At that time, the relevant person in charge of SAIC Motor responded: “Currently, the company has no undisclosed significant matters to disclose. If there are important developments that involve the disclosure requirements of listed companies, the company will fulfill its information disclosure obligations in accordance with relevant regulations.”

At the same time, Audi is also in talks with BYD and Geely. From this, it can be seen that Audi has ambitious plans in the field of electric vehicles. The goal of this traditional luxury car brand is to consolidate its position in the new energy vehicle industry through cooperation with major domestic automakers.

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