Let’s start with the Hongmeng intelligent cockpit? News reports say that Volkswagen plans to use Huawei software

Volkswagen plans to use Huawei software for Hongmeng intelligent cockpit Let's start with that

【PhoneAuto News】Volkswagen has a very impressive sales record globally, and no domestic independent brand can match it. However, if the “battlefield” is narrowed down to the field of new energy vehicles, the roles of domestic independent brands and Volkswagen will be reversed. In the rapidly growing and potentially lucrative electric vehicle market, Volkswagen lags behind competitors such as Tesla and BYD, ranking only ninth with a market share of about 2%.

Recently, according to PhoneAuto, several insiders have revealed to the media that Volkswagen has held negotiations with Huawei to discuss using Huawei’s software on cars sold in the Chinese market, hoping to win a larger share of the Chinese electric vehicle market.

It is reported that three insiders said that Volkswagen has negotiated with Huawei on the use of its technology in Volkswagen cars. Another insider said that Volkswagen has also held similar negotiations with several other Chinese companies.

It is understood that in 2020, Volkswagen established its own software department, Cariad, but has been plagued by various problems since its establishment, including budget overruns and various delays, leading to the launch of new electric vehicles such as the Audi Q6 e-tron and Porsche Macan being hindered. It is worth mentioning that Volkswagen CEO Oliver Blume recently replaced almost all of the Cariad executives earlier this month.

As the world’s largest electric vehicle market, China is of great importance for Volkswagen to occupy a place here, and Volkswagen has recently formulated a “In China, For China” strategy. In recent years, Volkswagen has announced investments of billions of euros in areas such as autonomous driving vehicles.

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