Bruce Lee Huawei’s earthquake early warning function will send messages to areas with weak earthquake perception

Bruce Lee Huawei's earthquake early warning function sends messages to areas with weak earthquake perception

【Phoneauto News】On August 6th, Li Xiaolong, the CTO of Huawei Terminal BG, posted on Weibo that he received a complaint from a professor at a university in Beijing. The professor said that Huawei’s earthquake warning function scared them and his spouse in the morning. He suggested that Huawei immediately cancel the earthquake warning function, as a large number of heart disease patients may not be able to withstand such a strong psychological impact. In response to this, he stated that the intensity of the reminder is related to the seismic intensity of the location. Areas with weak seismic intensity will only receive a notification in the notification bar.

In the official statement, Huawei stated that the seismic intensity in the user’s location is influenced by the distance to the epicenter and the magnitude of the earthquake. The higher the magnitude and the closer the distance to the epicenter, the stronger the seismic intensity. As the distance between the user’s location and the epicenter increases, the destructiveness of the earthquake gradually decreases. The system will send different levels of warning notifications to devices in areas at different distances from the epicenter, based on information such as the epicenter location, estimated intensity, and warning magnitude. In areas with weak seismic intensity, only a notification in the notification bar will be received.

Specifically, when an earthquake occurs nearby, the phone will provide an early warning several seconds to tens of seconds in advance, and will alert you through the notification bar or full-screen pop-up prompt, depending on the magnitude of the earthquake, providing you with more time to take precautions. When the estimated intensity is less than 2.0 degrees (barely perceptible or slight sensation), the phone will provide earthquake time, location, magnitude, and local seismic intensity information through the notification bar. When the estimated intensity is greater than 2.0 degrees (which may cause damage), the phone will provide important information such as the earthquake location, magnitude, distance between the location and the epicenter, and countdown to the arrival of seismic waves through a full-screen pop-up prompt.

Before, Bruce Lee reminded us that if we encounter a dangerous situation and our mobile phones have no signal, users of Huawei Mate 50 series, Mate Xs 2, Mate X3, P60 series, nova 11 Ultra, and WATCH Ultimate can send distress messages or inform their family and friends of their safety using the Beidou satellite.

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