Huawei August Service Day starts Free mobile phone screen protectors and repairs without labor fees

Huawei August Service Day offers free screen protectors and repairs without labor fees for mobile phones

【PhoneAuto News】On August 4th, Huawei Developer Conference 2023 officially opened, and HarmonyOS 4 made its debut, which can be said to be highly anticipated. At the same time, Huawei’s service day in August quietly began, and users of Huawei devices can go to after-sales service centers to enjoy free screen protectors and other benefits. Don’t miss out.

1. Thoughtful Service: Huawei phones can enjoy free screen protectors, cleaning, maintenance, and system upgrades. It is recommended to replace the screen protector every month. Huawei laptops, specified models of headphones, and smart glasses can enjoy free appearance cleaning and maintenance services. Give them a makeover after long-term use. 2. Cost-saving: No labor fees for repairing devices at the service center. You can bring all the devices that need repair at home to the after-sales service center and save some money. 3. More discounts: When purchasing Huawei branded accessories, extending service plans, or personalized screen protectors at the store, enjoy a suggested retail price discount of 10%. 4. Worry-free repairs: If the repair cannot be completed on the same day, you will receive a beautiful gift when picking up your device at the store. 5. If the repair cannot be completed on the same day, enjoy free return shipping service. 6. Diverse lectures are available, providing on-site Q&A sessions to help solve doubts. You can learn a lot during the service day at the store.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Huawei’s service day, you can directly search for nearby Huawei authorized service centers.

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