Pangu giant model blessing! Huawei Xiaoyi playing with new tricks, can listen, can watch, and can even speak

Pangu giant model blessing! Huawei Xiaoyi plays with new tricks - listening, watching, and even speaking

【PhoneAuto News】The Huawei Developer Conference 2023 has just begun, and the appearance of HarmonyOS 4 has attracted the attention of many consumers. On HarmonyOS 4, the all-new Xiaoyi has undergone a major update, with Huawei applying the Pangguo large model to Xiaoyi, bringing many new features.

It is understood that based on the Pangguo L0 base large model, Huawei has built a large amount of scenario data and finely tuned models for the L1 layer dialogue model based on terminal consumer scenarios, making it more suitable for terminal consumer scenarios. Based on the new technology of the large model, Xiaoyi’s intelligent experience has been comprehensively upgraded. It has realized device control based on natural language understanding, native digital content search, and dialogue recognition of screen content; it helps users quickly summarize, assist with copywriting content, and perform secondary image creation; it also realizes instant note-taking and considerate combination service suggestions and reminders.

For example, you can directly ask Xiaoyi, “How do I change a wallpaper with weather effects?” or “How do I change the desktop with weather effects?” or even say, “Can you set the phone wallpaper with real-time weather?” Xiaoyi can understand and execute. According to the demonstration at the conference, users can also say to Xiaoyi, “Help me create a morning running scene. Report the weather for me every Monday to Friday at 6:30 in the morning. When I wear Bluetooth earphones, play my favorite songs, and set the phone to silent mode.” Xiaoyi can automatically create tasks.

For high-frequency usage scenarios such as news broadcasting, chatting, storytelling, and custom voices, Xiaoyi’s broadcasting experience is constantly being optimized, providing users with upgraded news broadcasting tones, custom voices, and super-human voices to meet diverse needs. The new Xiaoyi will become more intimate, and with longer companionship, Xiaoyi will understand you more and more, becoming a daily assistant familiar with your personality, preferences, and habits. The relevant data training is all processed on the device side to ensure user privacy and security. The new Xiaoyi will be open for invitation testing at the end of August, and everyone can stay tuned.

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