Exposure GAC Mitsubishi to Halt Production, Layoff Employees, and Reorganize Sales Fall Short of Expectations, Business in Crisis

GAC Mitsubishi to halt production, lay off employees, and reorganize sales as expectations fall short, facing a business crisis

【Phoneauto News】Recently, Phoneauto noticed that a blogger revealed that an internal notice has been circulating within GAC Mitsubishi, indicating that the company will undergo formal layoffs and restructuring before moving forward.

According to the “internal notice,” GAC Mitsubishi officially stated that the automotive industry is undergoing a disruptive transformation, with the automotive market rapidly transitioning from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles. Currently, GAC Mitsubishi’s products have been affected by the market transformation, and sales are far from meeting expectations, causing the company to face operational difficulties. In the context of industry changes, after careful discussions between the management and shareholders, GAC Mitsubishi has decided to enter a temporary production halt phase starting from June. In order to adapt to the trend and seize the opportunity of new energy transformation, the company will experience a rebirth. To ensure orderly and smooth progress and establish a foundation for sustainable development, GAC Mitsubishi needs to optimize its personnel structure based on actual conditions and make every effort to protect the legitimate rights and interests of its employees in accordance with the law and regulations.

Currently, GAC Mitsubishi has announced the official employee placement plan, with the HR department taking the lead and various departments working together to address employees’ demands and implement the placement plan. We will actively maintain communication with the company’s labor union and employee representatives, listen to opinions, and ensure that employees’ legitimate demands can be fully communicated and reasonably resolved.

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In April 2023, there was news that a certain Japanese joint venture brand would withdraw from the Chinese market, and the production line would be used for in-house brand manufacturing within the same group. This brand is expected to have a wave of significant clearance discounts in the near future. Based on the actual situation, many netizens speculate that the rumored Japanese joint venture brand might be GAC Mitsubishi. However, GAC Mitsubishi responded later, stating that the company is operating normally, and the factory is operating as usual, with no plans to withdraw from the Chinese market.

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